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[Locked] people with fake xbox accounts


lately I am very disturbed by the number of people that have been contacting me with fake Xbox accounts.They post on my activities even after banning them. There is no way of reporting them to Xbox live because what they are doing is very disturbing, very inappropriate and is not in the selection list for reporting! So far I have banned 38 of them but I get new ones every day!
This is more of a Xbox LIVE issue than a Halo MCC Issue. Nonetheless I’ve noticed this recently. Been getting the same message from fake accounts saying “hi hottie”. I just ignore it and delete the messages.
What Vacha said, it's a greater Xbox Live issue. Just delete and ignore the convos. Blocking or Reporting should help the system identify the bots as well.
I get a lot of these as well, unfortunately the only way Microsoft could prevent these from happening is by being able to send messages a XBL Gold feature since I doubt t scammers would pay for that.
I get added by people with 0G and have no recent history. I have never received any messaged from them though.
Ive got a bunch of these the past month from throwaway accounts with 0 gamerscore
Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one getting messages. It's just an xbox live thing. Just like making a fake facebook/twitter account. Just ignore them.
As noted, this is really an issue on Xbox Live's side. It's not anything that 343 can help with