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Playing Halo 4 Legendary, tips to staying alive?

OP JulesPhantom2


I am currently playing Halo 4 Legendary on the MCC and made it to the beginning of "Infinite" before calling it a day. Hopefully, I can have someone come in tomorrow to play with me, but does anyone have any tips on the upcoming missions. I have found that the Scattershot is extremely effective against knights and to stay at a distance if I have any other weapon, especially with long ranged weapons. That's what I picked up so far, but I am concerned for vehicle combat.

I have completed the Halo 3 Campaign alone yesterday on the MCC and this has a very different level of difficulty to it compared to the previous entry in the series.

I also have a question pertaining to co-op and the level of difficulty. Do the number of enemies increase for the amount of players in game? I am merely curious and would have to consider on whether or not I should continue the campaign alone or invite friends to give a hand.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I would also be open to anyone joining me on this journey, as I intend to continue at 5pm Eastern time on May 5th.

Thank you for reading,
It’s so long since I’ve done the campaign I can’t remember. I do remember that infinity is one of the hardest missions and longest
Can't really help in the Coop department, since I never truly played it on Coop.

Here are my tips for playing on Legendary (and this applies to any other Halo)
  1. If you encounter the Covenant then look out for the snipers, they can F your day up. It takes a little while for them to shoot you if you get spotted. Just don't rush, take each sniper at a time with your Br or Pistol.
  2. If you have a power weapon (Sniper Rifle, Sword, etc) use it on more powerful enemies, don't waste it on the grunts, jackals or crawlers.
  3. Boarding a vehicle and staying on it prevents you from getting shot from the other enemies (not sure if it works on Halo 4, but it works in Halo 3, try it)
  4. As for weapons, I'd say the BR is your best friend, followed by the Light Rifle and Covenant Carbine. Try having a bolt shot or plasma pistol as your secondary and sticky nades.
  5. Vehicles are not OP. Don't rush into a battle, just stay behind and try to take them out from a distance.
  6. Hologram is useful if you can find any.
  7. It's easy to back smack elites. Just be in front of them, dodge their melee and go behind them as fast as possible. Their melee animation takes a while to be done, so use that to your advantage.
There is probably more, but I haven't played the campaigns for a while so...good luck
if you are having real issues check out guides made by the Halo Completionist youtube channel
Tip one: don't play it the forerunner s and hunters are overpowered
Take your time and watch for snipers.
Legendary is all about taking your time and never taking unnecessary risks. Like others have said, watch closely for enemy sharpshooters and deal with them before running out into the open. Watch your shields very closely, and when they're down don't do anything to jeopardize taking more hits if you have any possible alternatives. Legendary is also a lot of waiting behind corners and cover for your shields to recover.

Don't be afraid to spend ammunition with any weapon- but make sure it's buying you something (pace your shots and aim true.) Spend some time in a lower difficulty or Spartan Ops getting familiar with how to effectively use all of the weapons, especially the ones that'll be the most abundant for pickup (Plasma pistols, Boltshots and Suppressors in Halo 4 if memory serves). If there are any weapons you don't like personally it'll be important to at least become comfortable and efficient with them too; you never know what options you'll have available in a tough spot in the campaign.

You'll almost certainly fail repeatedly and have to start at certain checkpoints over and over again. Just focus on not making the same mistakes repeatedly and you'll triumph.
Light rifle is your best friend, scatter shot for knights at close range,plan ahead be methodical and take everything out from range and cover. watch hokiebirds guide to legendary on YouTube for great tips.