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[Locked] Please 343 Engineers please take notice

OP ParticlePimp

Please 343 Engineers and Forum Moderators take note, Starting at min 24:00 DigitalFoundry accurately criticizes the shortcomings of the current state of Reach on MCC:

"In summary, I'd say that there's a solid base here but Reach requires a fair amount of work to get the remaster into a really good place. First of all, the post-process pipeline should scale correctly with resolution as opposed to diminishing in effectiveness the higher you push the pixel count. I'd also like to see motion blur restored and improved in quality, along with an in-game toggle for players that would prefer not to use it. Next up, audio doesn't sound correct - I was really surprised to hear effects that are more muffled than the original Xbox 360 release.
Then there's performance, which also needs a push. In prior Master Chief Collection releases on Xbox One, we've seen improvements to frame-rate arrive over time with a tighter lock to 60 frames per second - and I really hope that the developers can revisit Reach to iron out the stutters and skips, and generally improve the turnout on both X and especially S consoles. PC runs beautifully at 60fps but I'd describe the experience on anything above that as completely broken. It needs a rethink.
In summary, as a PC gamer primarily, I do appreciate this release. The quality of the game itself is - and has always been - absolutely fantastic, and the chance to experience it at 60fps with a high resolution is a real treat. But it really needs to be better - the legacy of Halo, the quality of Reach itself and the potential from a remaster practically demands it. Preserving games for the future - especially on PC - means replicating them as they were in all the places where it matters, while improving them at the same time based on the scalability of today's hardware and beyond. Perhaps this may sound overly harsh in some respects, but this is the Halo remaster that will persist for years or even decades to come - and while the foundation is solid overall, there are clearly issues here that need attention."
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