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Please add Halo Reach to Halo Master chief colleti

OP Blockinsum

I would like to see Halo Reach get a DLC on Halo Maser Chief Collection. I never played Halo Reach before but I be willing to by the DLC for it if it was to release on Xbox One. It be great to have Halo Reach and the other Halo (ODST) on the Master Chief Collection pack. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Ide rather have Reach for free than ODST.
Ide rather have Reach for free than ODST.
Me too

Reach was one of the best Halo games ever, but ODST is very easy to port over to Xbone since its only going to be the campaign.
I don't care for mp anyway.
I'd like this too, mainly because I can play the Anniversary map pack again, but first 343 needs to fix their game, its not broken, but its definitely damaged, and damaged things can always be fixed
I'd love to see Reach too. Not because extra content or anything like that though. Reach would add extra achievements and that'd be fun to go after. If I really wanted to, I could just pop Reach into my 360 and go to town.