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Please add party up option back to halo

OP purakushblunts

Remember the halo 3 days with party up option after a game ? Yeah i liked that feature consider adding it into halo mcc

Thx and god bless

See yall in halo 2 big team
And rocket race ,,,,
At launch the game had something very similar to this. It was removed and has not been back since. It really does need to come back.
Yeah i liked it because sometimes ill get parterned up with cool team mates then whole team would party up afterwards
Yep that’s exactly what is was for. Enjoy playing with a teammate...... Then party up after the game with one click of a button. Half the people on my friends list came from doing that back in the day.
Anyone on h2 classic ranked
Anyone on h2 classic ranked
I play regularly in H2C. Add me.
i loved it in halo 3 . it was usefull to find good mates , find matches faster and occasionally the groupleader would take us into an awsome cutom game :D
Made a ton of friends with this option, bring it back!