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Please explain why people like midship?

OP James4125

Title says it all. What is it about Midship people enjoy?
You constantly spawn in people's line of sight, you only have two power weapons both of which are close range, most frustrating of all though is the plasma grenade spawns. Everyone and their mother can simply throw a sticky when nearly dead to trade and literally every player is spamming them almost constantly. On the rare occasion you're not almost immediately in combat on spawn you'll have seconds at best before you have to dodge a random grenade that probably wasn't even aimed at you.
I get in actual competitive it's not so... skill less but I honestly hate this map and all it's variations!
Rant over.
It's only because of Competitive Play. I love Heretic TS in H3 Hardcore. I hate Heretic TS in H3 radar/regular play. It's really, really good for competitive play with no radar and static spawns. Not very fun with radars and dynamic spawns.
Its a fun multilayered map with essentially 3 distinct elevations each with pros and cons, the variations between them make movement essential to keep an upper hand on the enemy, although I can see the frustration when you are in a high skill player match because the idea behind map controll not only includes power weapon control but knowledge of spawns and their manipulation.
I find the map to be very fun, unless you’re in a high skill map

My bad side about the map is getting stuck on Bottom Mid
I hate it. In fact I think it is one of the very few times where Halo 5: Guardians actually improved the map layout.
It's a simple map that can do almost all of the gametypes.
Its a fun and competitive map to play on and its also a fun map to play custom games on.
I hate it too, OP.
It sucks for casual play, plain and simple. It was clearly made with a competitive mindset, and works well in Slayer Pro, but with Slayer Pro nowhere to be seen in social modes and the majority of players avoiding competitive most days, it just falls flat.

It probably wouldn't be so bad if we didn't spawn with Plasma Rifles and stickies in regular Slayer. There's no discernable reason for it, and this carries over to the Heretic version, as well.
The map sucks for 4v4. At most the map holds 4 players TOTAL. The constant spawning in grenades is not skillful, nor is it enjoyable. Same for spawning with someone behind that can assassinate you. Same for spawning next to coils with an enemy staring at them. Same for spawning in the middle of firefights. Anyone who says it's a "high skill" map are most likely people whose' only kills in that map are sticky grenade trades and can't 4 shot people.

No one likes Midship/Heretic. It wasn't a good map when it came back to Halo 3 in 2009, and it isn't a good map 12 years later. The only difference is back then people could veto the map, and stopped veto-ing anything else in the off-chance the map became Heretic.
~ It is a classic ~
I personally don't mind the map but it definitely depends on the people you end up playing with. I like it for casual stuff like action sack but people spawning with sticky grenades always did bug me even back in the day.
Cause it are purple.
I personally don't mind the map but it definitely depends on the people you end up playing with. I like it for casual stuff like action sack but people spawning with sticky grenades always did bug me even back in the day.
Yeah, I like it as more of a Casual Sense. Like if you did Juggernaut with SMGs and Needlers only, or some kind of carnage like that. I can only imagine the insanity of a juggernaut match like that!
To all the critics, you have to keep in mind here that the spawn system across most of the games in MCC are very broken and not true to the originals. You probably have noticed by now that the location of your teammates have an extremely heavy influence on where you spawn. The influence of a nearby teammate is so heavy in fact, that the system will not even care if you spawn into enemy fire or grenades. This is not how the spawn system used to work and players are getting a faulty representation of how maps play out because of it. The OG games took into account how safe it is to spawn, and would almost never spawn you into an enemy's line of sight, or near a fellow teammate who's engaged in combat.

Here's a general tip for doing well on Midship -- cut back on throwing grenades. Focus on nonstop shooting. I see so many players trying to go for sticks when they really should be shooting their gun. There's really nothing else you should be doing on Midship besides pot shotting your enemies and setting your teammates up for cleanup kills. Also, Pink 3 is the best spot to be most of the time.
The MLG kids love it & the maps spawns are easily predictable to trap. I personally never liked the map to tell you the truth.
straight action. small map. jumping tricks. oh yeah baby