I know for a fact I'm not the only one getting upset at the spawns in reach. The spawning system sucks for social and hardcore. Please submit clips of you being spawned infront of the enemy
3 and CE has worse spawns
It's not just Reach. I've been on multiple maps, especially Halo 1 and 2, where I get killed faster than my avatar draws its weapon on spawn. Over, and over, and over.
I was playing Reach Swat the other day, and I was sprinting. All of a sudden 1 enemy jumps up, and 3 spawned, right in front of me, literally right on top of me, within Melee distance.
I'll be shocked if it gets fixed
I hope Halo Infinite won't have this problem.
I'm fairly sure that the halo games each have a spawning system that was appropriate for the time it was released more or less. I don't think 343 has or should do anything to change the spawning systems. Then again it wouldn't surprise me if they did mess it up somehow and make it worse that original. Personally speaking the spawning systems seem to match up with their original releases but I haven't looked into it.
HALO CE is by far the worst at this, you'll spawn in the line of fire right away.
Big reason why I hate playing slayer. Horrible spawns. Objective all day for me