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Population or Matchmaking Bug?

OP BucciBlu

Whenever I try to play MCC it always ends up 10+ min waiting for players and they usually are the same people
Is the population cooked after Halo 5?
Or is there a matchmaking issue again?
I feel theres a matchmaking issue again. Cant be a population issue. Many people right now can't afford Halo 5 and are happy with MCC with all the maps it provides.

I CANNOT BELIEVE i paid for this game!! I haven't been able to play A SINGLE MULTIPLAYER GAME!! Imagine!

Anyone know how to initiate a refund process? Im in India. Pretty sure that makes the process worse.
Its both.
I'm pretty sure there is a problem with matchmaking since last update.

Ill be in a full big team game looking for one player and it will reset and can't find anyone. I'll finish a BTB game and then can't find anyone, and I highly doubt I was the only person who looked for a game again. It's messed up.
Just got the game installed today and really wanted to jump into some team slayer online and it's just not working. Is this serious?
Few days ago I found games in rumble pit and btb. But right now I would bet it's population. With all the big new titles out who wants to play the tired old games of MCC?
i can never find a halo 1 game. i really wish there was a player count for each playlist
I've not played MCC since H5 released. I'd be happy to give it a try tomorrow to provide more evidence either way.
Its the matchmaking. Part of today matchmaking would be quick other times slow. I would be in a lobby almost full in BTB waiting for 2 players and then everybody would get kicked.
If anyone gets any success on playing multiplayer online please update this thread because I have had zero games.
I haven't been able to play multiplayer at all for the past few weeks. 343 needs to fix whatever is wrong since the NXE update.
LethalQ wrote:
Few days ago I found games in rumble pit and btb. But right now I would bet it's population. With all the big new titles out who wants to play the tired old games of MCC?
Lots of people but the game is still broke....
Ok, so i just got this back today and yes it is taking a while to find matches again but i still get them. First i que'd up for TS and after about 3 mins i got in then jumped to H2A found a match in about a good 4-5 mins (kept doing the researching thing) once it loaded up it froze making a weird electronic sound then closed itself so i reboot the X1, now this time i opt for more H2a and did 2 or 3 more games, took about 3-4 mins to get a team and so far that's been my time back after trading this in back for Gears Ult. It is taking longer to find matches and feels longer more so after playing a bunch of H5 which starts matches up super quick. Someone told me they noticed this getting worse after the NXE update and that there are plenty people still playing so i hope it get evened out again for quicker matches but for me honestly i got this collection back for my son and for the campaign as H5 is my go to Halo multiplayer focus still, it would be nice to have this match up faster.
I played today; seemed about the same as pre nxe to me. Started having the downloading matchmaking data bug recently but that was before the update. Have to force quit the whole game and start again every game or two to fix.

Also had some map loading issues in halo 3, but it fixed after two games. It would get stuck at the map loading screen for like 5-10 min and then quit.

I only played halo 3 and doubles. Population was fine in those, got different players most of the time. Only issues were sometimes my partner and I games would load faster, and the other team would show up a minute into the match. I could spawn kill them lol (only in halo 3).

Besides having to restart my game every match or two, it was fairly smooth.
It is not a population issue, just 343 and their disgusting pathetic broken matchmaking system. I notice you can't play any time you want, the only viable times for quicker matchmaking times (1-3 min) is playing between 3pm-3am est, other then that, seems almost impossible to get into a game for some playlists.

Older call of duty games probably have around the same number of players that MCC has now, they have no problem finding you games, 343 still has a broken game 1 year after launch, you would have thought they learned from Halo 4's matchmaking system failure at the start but no, they just keep repeating these damn mistakes.
^This is correct, it is NOT a population issue. After Halo 5 was released you could consistently get into games without issue. After the NXE update, you can literally sit at the searching screen for 20 minutes sans a match.
10:27 am est, can't play Halo 4 playlist at all, got into a big team battle game, started searching for another, 3 minutes into it, still nothing, would not find the rest of the players so I restarted the search and again, taking really long. They are gonna lose a lot of people with this annoying crap, 343 is not capable of making a stable matchmaking system, they need to find others to do it.
Ok so I jumped on three different times to play last night. First try was at 8AM EST and it worked very well. Got a few games in with relative ease. My second attempt was around 5PM EST and it just wasn't happening. Couldn't find a single game. Then I played again at 10PM EST. While slow finding a game at first, the frequency picked up and got a solid two hours of matchmaking in. Seems to be getting better on my end but still not a guarantee.