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[Locked] PSA: Known Issues for Next Patch

OP Postums

Good Morning,

Ahead of our next patch there are 2 known issues that are new for this build that will impact users. We wanted to get this information out ahead of time so players can plan accordingly and be informed that they will be introduced.

Campaign Checkpoint Loss - Halo: Combat Evolved & Halo 3
Due to work being done in the campaigns for both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3, the mid-mission checkpoints for both HCE and H3 in our next upcoming update will be invalidated. With this known issue, we wanted to get the word out so if you are mid-mission on any levels you are working on completing - please complete them prior to next week in HCE and H3 or you will lose the checkpoint progress in them.

Spartan Ops mission completion badges missing
The team has found a bug in our latest update that causes Spartan Ops mission completion badges to not appear if they were earned in a previous version of the game (prior to the current updated build) or after the title is relaunched after they have been earned. The stats are being tracked appropriately and badges are awarded, but it's just that they aren't visibly appearing at this time. We are looking into a fix for this, but wanted to inform players as this bug will be in the planned December Update slated for next week.

We look forward to getting this next patch out in the following week. These two known issues we wanted to spread the word on as they are highly visible to players who will be receiving the update. We will keep players in the loop on the status of the next upcoming build update any additional known issues or changes to timing should other more pressing issues arise.

Hey Friends,

Reminder that we are aiming to release the updated patch next week and that these known issues will still be present.