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Put Base Maps back into Reach Infection Rotation

OP TG GolemJephson

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I would love to have them back as well but there was a big reason why we have the versions we do. The camping in the out map areas. Boardwalk had the light pole and the glass that you could shoot through but not slice through, Swordbase had the super high ledge that you had to use the lift to get to, and caged had the top of the building.

If the added killzones to these areas than I am all for them coming back.
not trm6 wrote:
As a living dead infection god I will explain to you why bringing back "OG" uncaged, sword base, powerhouse and boring walk would absolutely NOT work.


Now in 60 fps the magnum is incredibly strong and registration hits cleaner than ever before. These posts about the maps are simply from players looking to exploit the maps. Uncaged/cage will turn into a spawn kill fest, rock spot players on bedlam and asylum wont ever die and drop 30+ a round. Boring walk/powerhouse will be reduced to everyone camping back wall/glass or the beach and magnum snipe you all game.

The variants of the maps made it much more balanced for zombies and it decreased the amount of map exploits. The new maps need some work, especially deepscream, maybe some more cover for zombies would help balance it out.

Currently it is far too easy to be a human and much too challenging to be a zombie. Rounds are slower, many humans survive for 4 minutes.

People will always rage quit when infected. That is part of LD and always will be so that point is irrelevant.
What if they put slow death barriers to camping spots? Asylum for example. Above the rocks near the side of the map. If 343 need help the community will definitly help them with it if it takes too much trouble for them.
I cant be the only one who thinks this...
Halo Reach had one of the best, if not THE best Infection experiences in the series. The only problem is that I think it was after the Title Update, ALL of the base maps from Reach were removed from Infection rotation and replaced with in my opinion, sub par maps that were nowhere near as fun to play on.
These maps usually had a filter on as well as all of the "Hiding spots" or key choke points were made inaccessible. This may have been for balance reasons, but in my opinion it just makes Infection bland. There is little in the way of actual good defendable choke points anymore and playing as both Human and Zombie no longer feels fun to play. I remember Spooky Base being a highlight as an awful map replacment.

TLDR: Put the base maps back into rotation!
Sword Base
All of them on the Alpha Zombies gametype. I dont know if MCC has Zombie Ghosts. If not? Keep it that way. Zombie Ghosts was a terrible gametype unless it was on a custom map designed for it.

Does anyone else think the base maps should be put back into the MCC Infection rotation?
Its gotten too the point where I just turn off reach when playing infection.
Any word on his happening? The Maps are still awful, look awful and all the Humans just go into the same spots.
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