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Quit a ranked game, lose 5+ levels

OP zc Goldd

It's kind of annoying that the two times I've quit (due to uneven teams) I've lost 5 or so ranks. Surely this is a bug?
These harsh reductions in rank are likely implemented to reduce the occurrence of quitting, and I'm firmly in favor of them.

You can, however, go to your dashboard and quit out of the MCC while you are still in the voting lobby when the teams are uneven. This won't negatively impact your rank.
One level is justified, not 5. Each time it has brought up the "Downloading matchmaking data" message
I say that people should loose at least three ranks for quitting, disconnecting because of server issues or something is another thing but quitting because your team is loosing or your choice didn't win the vote is a load of bull. I think quitting games should only be an option for games with JIP which Halo does not have