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Hey guys!

I just want to highlight the large number of player leaving games. I know this will achieve nothing but it's ruining our game. It has become noticeably worse since Reach came out and would like to discuss the possibility of a harsher punishment from 343.
One quit, you get a warning and no points. Two quits in a week should be 48 ban. Three quits should be a full week.
If the game doesn't allow players to join mid game then quiting prematurely needs to be stamped down on. It's really starting to put me off the online aspect and the fact that you can't earn points offline for Reach gear is beyond dumb.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
I feel your pain man, but 2 quits in a week getting a 48hr ban? Thats way too harsh. Sometimes my internet stops working or my xbox crashes. This would punish the people just playing the game. Imagine having buddies over and playing infection online only to have the Xbox crash and then receive a 48hr ban because it's the second time that week. I think a more appropriate action would be to allow Join in Progress for someone that just hopping into playlist. Then delegate the JIP next game to yet more people joining a playlist. You could even add a little XP boost to JIP just to keep the 'Joiner' satisfied for potentially being added to a lopsided game.
They do need to do SOMETHING about the quitters. Then again, I do pride myself a little bit in making people rage quit ;)
Just played three straight Hardcore games and teammates quit in all of them. Nice.

Maybe the quit ban ladder shouldn't reset so soon.
quitting sucks but the punishments you suggested are way too harsh, a two day ban just for leaving two games is way too much. hopefully 343 just lets people join mid-game
Yeh there becoming more common lately since the Reach update. Seems most games at least 1-2 people tend to quit, I have noticed more betraying online too. Kind of feel like the avoid system doesn't work for players that keep behaving in this way.