So, I've been thinking about how 343 handled armor customization in Halo 3, where it was an entire set of armor, rather than interchangable pieces. Naturally, I wanted to ask if this would be the case for Reach, since it's coming to MCC anyways.
Halo: Reach will have expanded armor customization as it did when it launched in 2010.
From an AMA by Ske7ch:
First, we're happy to say that Halo: Reach in MCC will in fact have the same level of "mix and match" customization found in the original games (all the individual armor pieces, etc..). As to how it's earned, we are exploring a new and deeper progression system that retains the feel of the old systems and blends them with newer models for game progression (all based on in-game play, no type of monetization or anything of that nature)
More info can be found here.
Oh, cool
I’m looking forward to this the most, I think!
I’m looking forward to this the most, I think!
Me too, it gives such player investment and replay ability because of the "chase" it provides players. Couple that with the new progression system coming and you have a real dynamic duo.
Reach’s armor customization is confirmed to be the same as it was in the original Halo Reach. However expanded customization for the other titles won’t come along with the Reach update, but hopefully they come via a later update.