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[Locked] Reach Release Date for MCC?

OP Prophet of Cava

Hey Everyone! It's been a relatively long time since i've been on the forums, or since i've checked out any of the community updates. I hit 152 on H5 a couple months ago and took a break from everything halo related since. With that being said, does anyone have any information on the release date for reach, and the update with the new progression based ranking system for MCC? Any info would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone!
We know next to nothing about Halo: Reach on the Master Chief Collection still. As for a release date, nobody knows. Nothing official has been said aside from, and I quote, "When it's ready".
This forum has information on current beta progress, specifically this and this are some of the most recent updates.
Right now PC is gearing up for a Firefight test, and Xbox will join in testing when they can get the updated MCC within the One's memory limitations.
They have yet to announce a full release date, and I imagine they won't for some time.
The latest info for the progression system can be found here.
Reach is going to release as soon as it's ready