I know I can not be the only one anxious for the Reach Update. Lots of old memories with friends shall be reborn and more made in the future.
Does anyone even have a clue for when the update is supposed to come out????
Updated graphics?
I also heard that they are adding armor types that never made it into the full release or cut armor types (cough cough defiant dlc armor) anyways, that should be exciting
I believe the common saying 'round these parts is 'when it's ready'.
No information on a final release date has been given thus far.
The Xbox version of MCC Reach is gearing up for a PvP test sometime soon but details are, at the moment, limited.
For the most up-to-date information on Reach see the MCC Development Updates and Postums's Twitter.
All we know is that they are working on flighting PvP in the near future. We have not heard anything about a release date.
When it's ready.
In the mean time feel free to follow the dev blogs in the news for updates as well as Halo's social media accounts