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343 please give us the option to turn off kill barriers. Especially on forge world some of the places that you can’t get to because of kill barriers is really disappointing. If you can get to it legitimately then it shouldn’t kill you. Plus with the addition of the space vehicles it makes sense because forge world is a lot smaller than you’d think. Kinda hard to have dog fights in the sky when you run into a invisible wall or return to battlefield.
Been thinking about this lately, definitely would like this for all big team type maps be able to do more with forge as well.
Yeah for some reason the only other forge map, Tempest is loaded with permanent soft and hard kill boxes as well.
It's so strange' what are they afraid of? It was like that with Halo 4's forge maps as well, unnecessarily restrictive.
You can't disable them as they were intentionally put there to stop players from exploiting areas they shouldn't be in. And it's a pain placing them on maps where there are none (H2A Forge). If you've played Halo: Custom Edition, there's a console cheat for Deathless Player.