How do you get season points? I can’t find any menus anywhere that say where to get season points
Play games, rank up, get points.
Ok thanks
Can you get season points from campaign missions?
No, you don't get any season points from Campaign, at least not on Heroic or below.

Which is odd because in OG Reach you *could* get rankup points from Campaign.
So excited about today and the grind to haunted helmet begins w00t!
You can get them by playing multiplayer matches, not sure about firefight.
Just play any multiplayer related modes....vs/firefight, not sure about forge yet but not campaign.

I'm still downloading on X1 version but that how's it been working on Steam for me so far and I know it carries over to my X1 stat's/unlocks.

The season points kind of seem to be given maybe every rank increase but I'm not sure how often they are given since I think I ranked up 1 time while being given 2 but I'm not sure.