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[Locked] Seriously feel like dumping my MCC disk...

OP fizzy14

Ok, so the multiplayer has recently got me annoyed, but i finished requiem and forerunner on LEGENDARY and got no achievement!!!!! I feel like ive been robbed of my time, i spent hours on it yesterday, what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I wonder why i even bought an xbox one...
I can provide proof using the xbox one dvr.
CORRECTION: Requiem and Infinity. And heres proof: look at my activity feed.
im done with halo. Back to pc then I guess.
Ill never understand why achievements matter so much to people. Do people just play games to have fun anymore? Anyway. Im seeing that you finished Forerunner but not Requiem on legendary.
fizzy14 wrote:
im done with halo. Back to pc then I guess.
Sorry to see you go; hopefully you'll find your way back to the fold some day. Till then;