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Slayer is weighted too heavily

OP Razsorsharp

When I play MCC, I usually play Socials. My usual search composition is 4v4, all game/modes and 8v8, all games/modes. I have noticed I rarely get a game of Capture the Flag, Assault, and other objective game modes. I usually find Slayer and Swat matches. I like Slayer as much as anyone else, I would just like to play a game of CTF every once in a while. I know I can edit my search parameters, but I do like playing Slayer.
I just always search for Objective gamemodes, Imo Halo is designed perfectly for Objective, that's why I love Invasion and CTF and Bomb. I agree though there is way too much Slayer and people seem to only like it because they can't think stratergy for Objective.
It's because most people tend to search slayer. If you're searching all games/modes then it will find slayer more.

Just remove slayer from your search parameters if you want to play an objective game.
[...] I know I can edit my search parameters, [...]
Well then there's your solution, lol.

That's what I often do. If I get tired of one game mode popping up too frequently, I'll un-check it for a few matches.
As others have said, the majority of people are only searching Slayer. As that is the majority pool of players you are looking to match up with, you will see it more often.

Simply remove Slayer from the Match Composer selection occasionally if you’re feeling some objective.