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SMG starts make the match feel so good

OP Mihael Langley

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It's all a matter of opinion. I like have a variety of starts. Keeps everyone on their toes.
Agreed with the OP.

BR makes the game lame, standard SMG starts do force less camping and dramatic battles for power weapons.

Doesn't matter however, as the try hards all need their BR's to be "uber L33T" and continue to solidify their epic K/D.
Variety is the key to Halo longevity I my eyes. Newer players are at more of a disadvantage with BR starts, and some of us older players like to mix up weapon starts. I personally only dislike BR starts because it means objective didn't get picked, again. If another player has a BR and I don't it's up to me to take his or use another weapon. I will admit there are times when superior players have superior guns and a BR start would increase my chances, but it's my fault for not gaining weapon control.
This thread is still a thing?
I don't like br starts every time but I HATE smg's!!!!!!!! They super suck
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I prefer BR starts, but I'm okay with AR starts in Halo 3, as long as the map suits it. As for SMG starts, I don't like them. SMGs are basically useless if you're going up against a BR or a power weapon. At least with the AR, you have a slightly better chance. I don't mind SMG starts once in a while, but I think BR starts are far better.
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I personally don't mind what weapon i start with but SMG can get very annoying if one team gets all the BRs and power weapons.
just make it AR starts, or silenced smg starts
how about this have an option in team slayer or slayer gametypes to choose what weapon to spawn with (note i did not say loadout) a smg, or BR or AR, BR. than lets see if the smg players want to keep using smgs or ars against brs
I strongly disagree.

However, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
If i was getting helicopter dropped buck naked into a tropical jungle full of hostiles and dangerous animals and the only weapon options given are the H2 SMG or a rusty butter knife...I'd take the rusty butter knife.
No campers? are you ret@rded? Snipers are campers, and with a short range weapon spawn (smg) you are defenseless against them.
Copy that :)
Anyone ever try pairing an smg with a pistol, plasma rifle, or plasma pistol? It's this really great concept Bungie came up with for halo 2 called duel wielding.

I know it was thrown out for halo 3/4, but can you remember back to 2004 when we duel wielded?

different starting weapons put a different spin on the game, but neither make or break it.

the next time your stuck with an smg try putting another gun in your left hand and have fun!
I just like to mix it up. I like both weapons but I do not like playing with any gun over and over and over and over and over again. I don't like to do it in Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield, Crysis, Far Cry, or any other game I play. It's like playing on the same few maps over and over again. It gets boring and old real fast.
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