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[Locked] So... About Achievements Not Unlocking

OP OldManKrogan

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The majority of the H3: ODST achievements are broken for me.

Kizingo boulevard
Kikowani station
Data hive
Easy, normal, heroic, legendary.

All hidden music cues in every campaign
I have 4 achievements so far that say 100% complete but are stilled grayed out and not popping. I have done what is necessary multiple times and at least a month later (if not longer) and multiple play throughs still not gotten.
Listed below:
Eye patch skull halo ce
All halo 4 terminals (did get all halo terminals chevo though)
Complete halo 4 on easy
Complete midnight
Why can't Microsoft and 343 get this stuff right?
I completed every Halo game in normal mode, and it won't give me the achievement for beating all games on easy. Says I'm only 97% done, but when I look at my campaigns it shows I've completed every mission.
Well, now I can add hi Ben to the list of achievements that will not pop
I have had two achievement stuck in the dome unlocking phase for almost two months!
It's June 2016 and they still don't have this crap fixed my achevements for beating every game on normal and easy have not unlocked yet nor have my skull achevements their is only one skull I don't have and it on halo 2 but I have all skulls on ce and 3 some one help
yeah i completed halo 2 on leg,but most of the achievement remained locked and i beat carior station and havnt recieve the scarred helemet yet
the only one i need is halo ce and i beat it on legendary but it says 40 percent
the only one i need is halo ce and i beat it on legendary but it says 40 percent
Cizlin wrote:
pervadiso wrote:
I have both a skull (Iron) and a terminal (Terminal 11) achievement that are at 100% on my Xbox and on Waypoint, but are still in the 'Locked' sections.
No idea what to do about that - I've removed my profile, accessed the skull and terminal again, waited more than 72 hours, but nothing .
The only bright side is that for some reason both of the "collect all" achievements still recognize them as being done so I was able to unlock both of those.

Do the achievements show as "Done! Unlocking..."? If so, you'll just have to wait, sadly. Let me know if they don't unlock within a month.
A few months later...
I finally decided to see if these had unlocked, and sure enough they had. Not sure when, but they're in the correct date order. *shrug*
Only time I've had it happen is with the terminals for some reason. Every so often I'll hit one without it unlocking the achievement. Tends to work the second time around though.
I have the legendary campaign achievements for halo 1-3(and odst), and each individual legendary mission on halo 4, but I am not getting the halo 4 campaign on legendary(solo) l, so I can't get the helioskrill achievement. When I go to my locked achievements, there at least 5 that say 100% complete, but are still locked. Please help.
From 343 Guilty Spark to The Maw, I have not received the achievements for beating those levels.
Are they ever going to fix this?
Just finished Assault on the Control Room from Halo CE on Legendary last night. When the cut scene came up, I switched to tv to check a baseball game. When I went back to Halo I was taken to the main menu with out the level achievement but it showed I beat it. I logged in to Waypoint today and it shows it unbeaten, so I guess I will have to replay that level on Legendary.
i really hate master chief collection i beat all of the spartan ops on legendary and did not get the achievement
To anyone with problems with achievements not unlocking when they should or progress getting reset: You can report your problem(s) to the 343 Industries Forum Team. Go to this thread:
I know this is an old -Yoink- thread, but I just got into the MCC and I beat halo 3 on legendary and most of the achievements arent unlocking, like I see it says 100 percent complete but not unlocked, on halo waypoint as well it says its unlocked, and on xbox website too, I just want to know if this ever got fixed in 2016 or not, its been 4 days since I havent been getting my achievements
8/14/2016 and I'm still waiting for my achievements (Halo 3 on Legendary)...
Same thing happened with me for both playthroughs of 3 and 4 I hate the fact that you just have to deal with it and grind again.
I sent the last 3 days completing H3 LASO with my friend and I didn't get it. I have screenshot proof it says 10/11 LASO Campaign. Wtf man
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