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Solving mcc's progression issue for both sides

OP MaritimeSteak85

So some people kind of want to do the progression All over again but I think once all you know what is done to fix this they will add new armors to h2a to unlock because unlocking all the old armors again is just not going to work we need new content and what's something that has some missing content opportunities h2a that's where armor unlocks should happen in my personal opinion
Punctuation. My God.
I'd rather they just organised things better, makes by 'unlocks', they don't need new armours yet. The time could be better spent by sorting out the 360 file share so players can import old maps that made in forge and completely finish porting the Odst game since it's still missing Firefight, I'm sure there's more that could be improved but I'd rather they sort out the basic's first before trying to implement new after H5 I'd rather they not make the same mistakes where we ended up with badly organised UI due to over-saturation of armours.
I just want some sort of XP or progression system. Playing gets boring without it and there is no reason to grind, especially once you get your 50. It would give players incentive to KEEP playing.
I can certainly understand an appreciate the difficulty for 343 to make a meaningful progression system that overarches all five of the games that will be in the upcoming version of The MCC, but it's really something that should've been addressed in original development.

If they were to introduce a cross-game progression system at this point, it'd just be a nightmare to address the issue of all the players who've had MCC for five years (yikes) and haven't received any meaningful progression in that time for all their time in the campaigns and multiplayer.

That being said, if they were to do something like giving us Reach in MCC without the full customization system, given that the original game is backwards compatible, I'd say they might as well not have bothered. Thankfully, it sounds like that's not the case.