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What do you think??
Some of them are a bit tedious, but overall I find them pretty enjoyable.
It's been a looong time since i've played it. That being said, Spartan Ops was pretty meh. The story is okay, if you can forgive the fact that none of it really matters. As for the missions, they're a mixed bag; some are enjoyable. Some are hot garbage -- mostly the levels that poorly reused segments from campaign missions... and the multiplayer maps(smh)...
Good. They didn't take the mantle of Firefight, but they had great cutscenes and decent objectives.
I liked em' although there were a few that were so damn annoying...constantly spawning Watchers and turning everything into a bullet sponge is not a good idea.
It was a fantastic idea.
The execution left something to be desired (Especially spawns when playing solo)
Bad, very bad. Playing the missions felt like such a chore.
I would have preferred a firefight mode, but they're ok I guess. What's really annoying is how buggy and glitchy they are on the mcc, sometimes to the point where you have to restart levels, The levels may not be too long, but having tho restart a level on legendary solo when you're right near the end three times in a row because an elite spawned somewhere you (or more precise your shots) can't get to is infuriating to say the least.
To be honest I forget its there most the time and any ill will I have against it stems from bugs or its tedious and repetitive nature.
I like spartan opsychological, wish they would have incorporated it into halo 5
It's best I can say mediocre overall. Has great potential for a side story but there's some questionable designs on the dev's end.
It was alright I guess... I agree with most people saying some missions were good, while others really weren't.

I think the whole idea of it was to give a bit of background on Spartan Thorne as he was originally supposed to be in Fireteam Osiris (instead of Buck) - but the actor who played him wasn't available or something, so they had to change him out. As a result, the whole thing just feels kinda irrelevant now... much like those Locke vs Chief Halo 5 trailers, and Hunt The Truth.
Enjoyable in co-op, but I always mute TV and put some music because I can’t stand the silly dialogue of Palmer and friends.
Its a jarring overscaled peice of -Yoink- on solo
It's fun when I shred through enemies clearly meant for 5-man fireteams, and it helped me discover how much more powerful the plasma turret is in H4 than H5. The vehicle- focused missions are the downside, though, you always spawn 2 billion miles away from all the action. Still, it wasn't too bad....every morning I beat a chapter solo on Legendary.
I enjoyed the additional story elements and the way that you got to go around and build a bigger story by BEING part of it.
I was really hoping for more of it...
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
solo legendary ops i would say non fun as when your against so many knights on legendary even though you can respawn endlessly a single level can take hours while other levels not much time. but getting through all 50 is a huge huge time eater and some levels are super frustrating mainly cause many knights are groups together and your doing all you can to just get one killed before you die and then you rinse repeat. it is annoying when you keep at it and not one dies per your death as they don't respawn so progress is progress but a few of those levels were like come on already die already while many others were not like that so if you mean was the mode good yes if you mean was the mode fun depends if you mean legendary and if you mean solo vs group of players. as if solo legendary i vote not fun as when i finished that i have never touched the ops again simply because i had enough and did the cheevo and moved onward. now on halo 4 on the 360 it gives credits but still i don't even remember if the payout was worth it in terms of time spent doing it if your doing it for just credits. Anyways i would say depends on mode and how many players if you asked me is it fun or worth it.
I only truly enjoyed episodes 6-10. The ones before all seemed like a grindfest of kill enemies here, push button here, move here, kill enemies here, move to extraction, and so on. There was a bit of that in the second half of the season too, but with a decent amount of variety like a Mantis vs. Phantom showdown.
I don't enjoy it. I'm only doing them for the achievements.
I've been stuck on 5-4 I believe for a for a few months now.
I like the storyline, Spartan ops story alone is better than Halo 5s for sure. However the gameplay and the grimace worthy dialogue makes it a nightmare for more than one playthrough.
Bad level design, bad gameplay, no customization like in Reach firefight, and no fun.
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