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Spartan Ops Matchmaking Idea

OP clawzo

Once Halo 4 gets released on PC along with bug fixes I would like to see spartan ops return to matchmaking, I dont really have friends who play it (Considering all of them hate halo 4) i think it would be cool to have it return and it would help players get the achievements for the mode as well

They could rotate episodes weekly if it were in matchmaking, maybe bring back the voting system for spartan ops so we have a choice of difficulty or missions

Or they could allow us to vote 3 of the chapters per search and set default difficulty to Legendary

Would people want to see this return? It was present in halo 4 so considering the collection only having private lobbies its a bit of a downgrade
I can't remember 343's actual reasoning, but I too think they did it to simplify the port to the One. Only a few players worldwide were still interested in the mode, so it's a logical corner cut. I can't remember if it has several achievements where one would need help, since dying doesn't reset you back to a checkpoint, but you'd ask for a friend to help in that case anyway. Moreover there are sites like where you can find others to go for achievements together and the LFG on the console itself is quite helpful.
Yeah I definitely think its time for the feature to return to Spartan Ops in the Firefight section of the MCC (which is where it would fit best since it revolves around a fireteam, same as ODST and Reach as well in a way) with matchmaking support added in (which would be far easier to do this time around as the matchmaking code on the 360 exists since they already brought Reach Firefight with matchmaking back over). Trying to causally just get people interested in playing it now is kind of impossible and we need a reason than just achievements to play it like going for specific challenges in Spartan Ops or XP as well. If 343 just ignores upgrading the current Spartan Ops to anything, then the mode is going to remain dead permanently going forward if all we can play is like a Campaign with inviting people, which I do not think this has to be like this. The spawning system is the multiplayer system, not campaign with checkpoints so it was meant to utilize matchmaking like in the Original and is the same with ODST and Reach Firefight matchmaking.