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[Locked] Spartans left alone banned too?



I've experienced a lot of frustration with people deserting and I guess many other people out there, too.
Overpowered enemies are truly a non fun experience especially when facing these more than just a couple of times.
But what I hate more than a lost game is when teammates desert and you are left behind with only one more mate or even alone. I believe everyone can relate to that.

Concerning this issue I’ve been wondering if ( let’s say in a 4v4 situation) 343i also punishes/banns the last 2 remaining players when leaving a game after being let down by the first 2 players who already deserted?

Personally, I think the last 2 remaining people living the game should not fear any bad consequences. Thinking of games like team objective when enemy team does not accomplish goal but instead decides to slaughter you cause your outnumbered. ... gives you the worst frustration of all time.
There is an existing thread for ban related questions/discussions linked below.