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Spire Rocks giving an Unfair Advantage

OP Mayhem2579

Whenever I play an Invasion match on the map Spire. The attacking team gets spawned killed each match. The Elites would sprint to the highest rock with a Needle Rifle and able to snipe us down as we are spawning, or the Elites head to our spawning zone to be on those high grounds to throw grenades right as we spawn. No matter what, the Spartan have nothing to counter it, which gives the Elites have an unfair advantage over the whole game during phase one of the match. Who ever is doing this is what I consider cheating or Unsportsmanlike Behavior.

For everyone's sake, especially to new players. Those High ground rocks, including were Spartans spawn should be restricted to anyone until phase two starts. And make it a way that Elites can't go into our spawn to pick us off as we spawn. It's just so that the Elites can only focus on Defending and the Spartan have a fair chance with actually attacking the control points.

I hope that all of you may take this into consideration, and that my voice has been heard.

Thank you.
Sadly this is down to poor games design, has existed for a long time, makes me wonder why 343i didn't just give the Spartans long range weapons to counter this flaw.
The elites are obviously gonna have an advantage since they’re defending that’s just how invasion is.
If youre playing a good team, yes its very difficult to not get pinned down from the very start. But just try and use some strategy and take advantage of spawn partners to spawn in different locations. Though sometimes it just doesnt matter because of the height advantage and long range capabilties of the needle rifle.

Boneyard is far worse at trying to get the objectives. Ive had far more 0-0 games on Boneyard than any other. I like to call it "skunkyard"
Yeah Spire just isnt a very good map in my opinion.

the problem itself is the fact that there’s really nothing important except the Spire. Having control of it and the air means you’re set to win. Also air vehicles on this map are obnoxious, which is saying a lot considering the Reach banshee was already a nightmare
The elites are obviously gonna have an advantage since they’re defending that’s just how invasion is.
I wouldn't call spawn trapping fun, it's more irritating. Either way the game shouldn't have drastic poor balancing like this. It's not how Invasion works most of the time because it's mostly just the Spire level that has these issues at the start since most other levels tend to have decent cover for the attackers/defenders, this could have been less of an issue if Elites long ranged weapons were removed for the first part of the Defence/Attack phase.