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So I recently got back into Halo after 11 years of being MIA from it. Started again 1.5 months ago, and have rarely played any FPS since then mainly MMORPGS. Really loving the game and learning all the maps I forgot or have not played. I prefer and almost always play KOTH and generally do quite good. On average 8 kills above death. Some games +20 some no more than -5, but with great obj. time, helping to carry the game. So I'm a fairly average player. But with que times so much longer than most modss I decided to try my hands at Slayer again. Man... I have been getting tossed around like nothing in Slayer. My accuracy has been on par but I seem to always get caught out continuously. For the life of me I cannot do good in any match of Slayer. I don't know if since there is a lack of Objective focus I run around like a chicken with its head cut off in hopes to find someone to fight and I don't know the main areas people navigate to.
All advice is welcome!
The more you play the more you will get a feel for where enemies are spawning, and where they are generally on the map. Watching good players can be beneficial to see their starting strategy(what they do at the very beginning of the match) as they have played the same maps thousands of times so their strategies are optimal.
Thank you! I'll try to look up some pros to analyze!