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Thanks scoops/postums/dev team for recent CE fix


I've been on this forum for a few months now and have been highly critical of 343 at several points for many things, specifically the lack of gameplay fixes for CE. It would be absolute garbage for me to come on this forum, call 343 out, and then be quiet as a mouse when a gameplay fix comes down the pipe. Not only that, but this gameplay fix was from the community priority list. So to postums, scoops, dev team, etc - I'd like to say THANK YOU for the recent rocket magnetism/auto-aim fix.

Furthermore, to all those who have been critical of 343 on this forum in a similar manner, I urge you to come and join me in saying we appreciate being heard and listened to. If we are going to call them out on the lack of fixes, we need to be prepared to deliver a resounding THANK YOU for providing one of the exact fixes we seek.

I'd also like to shout out specifically to Postums. He's in the Halo 1 Hub discord with several voices of the CE community. EVERY single day in there, there are people calling 343 out, talking a ton of trash to him, etc. This guy wades through all of that criticism, finds the important feedback, and does what he can with it. He's an awesome dude who took it upon himself to communicate with the CE community and let us know what's going on. Postums, if you read this, I'd also like to say that some of the ugliest voices in there aren't really members of the core CE community. I think anyone is allowed in that discord.

So, if you've been critical of 343 regarding CE, this is the thread where you come in and -Yoinking!- say THANKS. Looking forward to rolling this into more regular fixes.
Thank you for the removing the auto aim and adjusting the betrayal booting :D I'm also super excited for Tanks and Banshees to be back in BTB, that was one of the things I've been asking for and really looking forward to playing :) Thanks again :D
Good stuff, love this CE treatment.
Couldn't agree more with OP.
Thank you for listening, Postums /Scoops
jalam wrote:
Good stuff, love this CE treatment.
I’m sure Halo: CE will get even more attention once they start working on bringing it to MCC on PC.
Now if only we can the actual original sounds back into the game, then we might start getting somewhere.