Ok so I am not trying to trigger people in anyway, this is me explaining what is going on. So a few days ago I quit two games due to my team either being short by 3 people or the other team spawning killing. Two quits resulted in me getting banned for 3 hours. A 343 employee told me a 3 hour ban isn't a thing. I have a video to prove it. They provided a link to show how many games equal a ban for whichever minutes. One quit being 5 minutes etc. Last night I got lagged out of a match which again resulted me in getting a 3 hour ban. I posted the topic on reddit and every user kept telling me I am lying about it which I am not. Unless there is a way I can post the video here what else can I say? I messaged the 343 Employee telling him the details and he never answered me. So far 3 different times I have been banned for 3 hours. They claim a 3 hour ban isn't real, then how come I get 3 hour bans? Again I am NOT trying to anger anyone, so please if your mad about this post do not even bother commenting as I am asking if anyone else has dealt with this. Thank You.
If you have a video, you can post the link in this thread.
As stated above, please use the pinned MCC ban thread for discussing bans in MCC.