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[Locked] The Best and Worst Weapons in Halo

OP Rhydon65

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best, halo 1 pistol
worst, halo 3 magnum
The assault rifle between Halo 3 and ODST actually got nerfed in damage against everything. Thus it became useless in shield stripping and even in close quarters, very noticeable on Legendary difficulty. The SMG however is more accurate and has better range, and has slightly better shield stripping power than the AR. Granted there's better weapons such as the plasma rifle/pistol but it gets a bit boring and I like to mix my playthroughs up a bit.
But it's still effective at breaking Brute armor.

At the very beginning of Kizingo Boulevard I always need to combine the silenced SMG with frag grenades to kill the Brute on the left but I don't have trouble to shoot the Brutes near the other Wraith with an assault while I'm at the other side of the street.

EDIT : both Halopedia and Halo Nation says the assault rifle is 50% weaker, unless the A.I. is also 50% weaker in health and shield, it's false as it doesn't take a ton of bullets kill soft targets or armored Brutes (anything not a chieftain) .
I ran straight for the tank on the beginning of Kizingo Boulevard since you don't start with a headshot weapon after destroying the wraith behind you with the two rockets you're given.
I ran straight for the tank on the beginning of Kizingo Boulevard since you don't start with a headshot weapon after destroying the wraith behind you with the two rockets you're given.
Assuming you're trying to play the mission without touching vehicles and eliminating any enemy staying on the map, chances you easily run out of silenced SMG ammo.

Since the beginning is lacking in precision weapons, your only possibility at engaging at medium/long range is the assault rifle from Marines, assuming the armored Brute you are cross-map shooting with the AR doesn't move, it's down pretty fast. About damage the assault rifle is above both silenced weapons, the supposed -50% is a huge cut in power and doesn't feel like it (I did Tsavo Highway without vehicles so I used the AR too on Halo 3) , I have experience as backup.

I would like to rank all weapons but it's damn hard with situations like that, I can't put the assault rifle at the bottom myself as engaging targets at medium/long range is not a rare thing at all and it's not bad. I could just rank the needler low because it's my least used weapon in the serie but I can't feel right, it's a weapon with a strong attack and is just good but for Combat Evolved I think you can run the entire campaign with both pistols, their usefulness is overwhelming.
Best Weapons: Halo 5 Needler, Halo CE shotgun, Halo 2 Sentinel Beam
Worst weapon: Halo 3 magnum, Halo 5 assault rifle, Halo 3 Plasma pistol
Best weapons spartan laser and incineration cannon and CE needler and pistol and shotgun lol.

Worst Weapon- Brute Spiker and Forerunner Bolt Shot.
I also forgot the brute plasma rifle sucks also lol.
Just my opinion :)
Halo CE
Campaign and Multiplayer:
Best: Shotgun or/and Magnum
Worst: Assault Rifle

Halo 2
Best: Battle Rifle;Carbine/Energy Sword Combo and Needler (Dual Wield)
Worst: Sentinel Beam and Shotgun
Best: Battle Rifle/Carbine and/or SMG/Plasma Rifle Combo (Dual Wield)
Worst: Sentinel Beam

Halo 3 w/ ODST
Best: Gravity Hammer/Energy Sword and Sniper Rifle
Worst: Magnum
Best: Gravity Hammer and Rocket Launcher
Worst: Magnum and Needler

Halo Reach
Best: Target Locator and Neddler Rifle
Worst: Plasma Repeater and Focus Rifle
Best: Gravity Hammer and Needler Rifle

Halo 4
Best: Incineration Cannon and Binary Rifle
Worst: Suppressor and Plasma Pistol
Best: Binary Rifle and Incineration Cannon
Worst: Plasma Pistol and Plasma Repeater

Halo 5 Guardians
Best: Energy Sword and Carbine
Worst: Spartan Laser and DMR
Best: Jorge's Chaingun
Worst: River of Light
Best weapon: Halo Reach human sniper rifle. You could tear through soldiers and vehicles alike. It could be used for any target.

Worst weapon: Halo 3 Plasma pistol. When you don't over charge it I think it takes 20+ shots to kill an unshielded player and the over charge shot itself does no damage to an unshielded player.
That’s because you’re using it wrong. Plasma pistol is to EMP and take out shields. That’s really all it’s good for, and that’s clearly the way it was meant to be used.
Best (personal favorite) Reach Magnum. So useful across multiplayer, campaign and firefight, but not over or underpowered like some of its predecessors. The magnum perfected.

Worst: practically speaking? The brute shotgun pistol thing from Halo 3. I hated it. Never figured it out. Seemed wrong in almost every situation. Much preferred the shotgun.
personally speaking, the BR. Most over rated weapon in a game of all time.
Best gun in;
Halo CE - Magnum
Halo 2 - Battle Rifle
Halo 3 - Battle Rifle
Halo Reach - DMR
Idk about Halo 4 and 5
Best gun overall throughout the Halo series - Plasma Pistol.
Worst gun in;
Halo CE - Assault Rifle
Halo 2 - SMG
Halo 3 - SMG
Halo Reach - Plasma Repeater
Idk about Halo 4 and 5.
Worst gun overall - Assault Rifle
Too many people knocking the H3 plasma rifle. Thing is a beast close range. I’ve been warmed up enough to out-perform someone by squeezing off a shield-draining burst from the plasma rifle and switching to the BR before they can four-shot me. Also, its shot to beat down time is short as hell.
best, halo 1 pistol
worst, halo 3 magnum
For reach: favorites- energy sword, fuel rod, DMR, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, shotgun, needler rifle
For reach- least favorites, plasma caster, plasma repeater, plasma rifle, spiker.
Halo 3 favorites- Fuel rod, energy sword, Sniper, assult rifle, plasma beam
halo 3 least favorites- the pistol, Smg, brute shot, needler.
Favorites halo 2- BR, energy sword, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, shotgun, plasma beam
halo 2 least favorites- Pistol, smg, needler, Brute shot, plasma rifle (elite and brute variants)
Halo 4 favorites- BR, fuel rod, rocket launcher, SAW, beam rifle.
Halo 4 least favorites-AR, concussion rifle, carbine.
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