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The Mantis - Halo 2 Anniversary

OP Kamen S0ul DJ

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I find it funny how people say the Mantis was overpowered. The average Mantis pilot tends to last (Maybe) a minute in BTB if they don't know how to do it, and... A LOT of people don't know how to pilot a Mantis. The few that do, like myself, are the people who make it overpowered.

In other words, you are hating the mech when, for once, you should hate the player. Either that, or people are just plain bad at taking out a Mantis-Something I find easy.
This is actually true. Even though I don't want it to be in Halo 2A (Halo 5: Guardians will probably improve BTB a lot, so there I want it for sure), a lot of people don't seem to know how to drive it. Not many people know that the Mantis can crouch and step on enemies, as well as release all the missiles together.
I liked the Mantis a lot...thought it was decently balanced, but it had too much shielding.
Peopel saying its stomp is OP? LOL...its supposed to be! Its a 6 foot wide medal foot stomping the ground with enough force to put a dent in a Pelican so hard it can crack it in half.
Wouldn't mind it in Forge, but not in multiplayer. It ended up on pretty much every map last time I played Halo , replacing Wraiths and Scorpions. I have had enough of it for a while.
I say "no" for a few reasons:

1. There aren't enough BTB maps in H2A
2. It's too overpowered anyway and would need a total rework
3. Mostly, I wish 343 would focus on more team-oriented vehicles. The Mantis is just another Lone Wolf machine that's entirely too versatile/OP.
maybe if they didn't make the mantis so dang over powered then i would honestly be fine with it but they made an update to upgrade the mantis damage and now i just hate the mantis
Hotrod192 wrote:
The main issue with the Mantis was that it was both overpowered and underpowered at the same time. When facing your usual enemies with regular anti-vehicle weaponry, it utterly dominated and took an army and a half to take out. With its shields and powerful weapons, it was nearly impossible to escape, let alone kill. You could control half the map with it unopposed.

However, when faced against players who spawn with the Plasma Pistol, which was unfortunately more than common in Halo 4, the Mantis gets utterly destroyed. All a single person has to do is EMP the thing and continue to do so until they board it. The Mantis user has basically no way to counter Plasma Pistols, the most common weapon in BTB.

If the Mantis is to return in any future Halo game, I think it will have to be heavily reworked. I give props to 343i for creating a vehicle that works well with the whole loadout system, but unfortunately the system in its whole is broken.

I find this, in fact, completely inaccurate.

The reason why it was a danger was because a skilled pilot could effectively use the considerable mobility and agility of the 'mech to their advantage; I frequently manage to dodge close Plasma Pistol hits by turning the 'mech and "Running" (As fast as the Mantis can run), not to mention Spartan Laser blasts, Fuel Rods, and Missiles. That is something I rarely see in the average user.

That said, that's also because they use the Mantis as a purely offensive machine, when it should act more as a support or defensive vehicle. The hardest thing to kill on Ragnarok seems to be a defensively-oriented Mantis pilot.
That's very true too. Whenever I use the Mantis on Ragnarok, I tend to stay near the base and never really venture out, especially on CTF matches. It is without a doubt the vehicle's niche. And while I do agree that it is possible to dodge a single player's Plasma Pistol hits on a frequent basis, it becomes exponentially more difficult as the number of players rises, which isn't a rare occurrence.

On the other hand of things, I find it a rare that an enemy Mantis manages to escape my Plasma Pistol ability. Many players try to take out the vehicle at close range, while using one EMP shot to take it out at medium range, then another to keep it down as you move in is an extremely viable tactic. However, you prove my point even more. If it weren't for the Plasma Pistol being included in almost every players' loadout in BTB (how it is in every other Halo game), the Mantis becomes a much greater threat. Unlike the Scorpion, and to a lesser extent, the Wraith, the Mantis has a lot of close combat defense. If a player gets into boarding range, all the pilot has to do is stomp to kill them. Not to mention that the only direction from which you can board it is the back. Any other heavy vehicle can be boarded from the front or side, giving the Mantis a huge advantage from the start.
The Mantis is the reason why I believe we need a smaller, less powerful, and more agile mech akin to the Cyclops. Or even just the Cyclops itself! But maybe give it a chaingun at the very least. And let it use its repair kit on other vehicles.
I do not believe that it is included in Halo 2 Anniversary.
HOMINIX wrote:
I sure hope not. I was not a big fan in Halo 4. The fact that it had rechargeable shields and was only hijack-able from behind made it extremely overpowered in my opinion. It even took more than one spartan laser strike, even directly aimed at the cockpit. Beside the fact that it had a devastating melee attack that damaged/killed everything within a ~6ft range, making a hijack/boarding attempt that much more futile.

I liked it in the campaign, but I think it was a blunder to add it into multiplayer.

That along with Halo 4's longer range oriented sandbox transformed Valhalla from one of my favorite maps to one of my least favorite.
Overpowered? In what world? Everyone spawns with plasma pistols and sticky grenades. There are no overpowered vehicles in halo 4. Only underpowered ones.

All of them.
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