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4 days later and I've only played 2 games, what a waste of money.
Thanks for the report.
Thanks for the report.
I enjoyed it, I'm glad you did too.
Someone invite me for customs! iStringy
I'm in the same boat man. I can count in two hands the amount if games I've played since the game came out, and I've been searching. Such a horrible disappointment. I can't even invite my friend who is sitting right NEXT TO ME into a party.
Not only is MP -Yoinked!-, splitscreen is too for me now. Every time i open Silent cartographer its crashing and forcing me to dashboard. 8 times its done it. This game is totally -Yoinked!- man
4 days later and I've only played 2 games, what a waste of money.
Did you make this profile to only complain? This post seriously helps nothing. Try to get a return or wait because complaining has clearly not solved anything. Everyone needs to chill. Yea the game isn't working as intended right now and that's annoying, but complaining and demanding compensation already like some others are doing is just ridiculous.

If this continues for the next week or so then yea, I'd say we deserve compensation for the screw up, but people are getting refunds. Go get a refund now if you want. If you don't want a refund then stop complaining since you obviously still want the game, but are at this rate just expecting a handout.

The game will get better, 343 is already busy trying to fix it. They are quite aware it is broken and I'm sure are quite capable of beating themselves up for it at this rate without you complaining for the umpteenth time that's it's broken and you can barely find a match.
I haven't actually found a single match yet. I've done everything they said would improve the likelihood of finding a match but alas it has proved to no avail. I imagine that living in Britain hasn't helped but hey I suppose I should look on the bright side I've got four campaigns to do a Legendary run through of and that steelbook that's a UK Game exclusive (really lovely piece, embossed too).
Campaign? Forge? Customs? There's more to Halo than just matchmaking.
So it seems all the new people to Halo and old fans have forgotten/don't know about campaign....
C'mon..Halo is more than online
You can get a refund by talking to xbox live chat if you bought the digital one just got mine. I am a huge halo fan but I just can't support unfinished games being released.