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Trait zones and scripting issue

OP Xul Thiid

I'm attempting to forge a map inspired by Halo: Reach's Condemned. I want it to have a gravity zone in the middle that can be activated through scripting. To do this I am attempting to utilize a trait zone. Now before I discuss the issue I would like to mention that I have tried gravity volumes, and I get the same issue. I am attempting to make it so the trait zone spawns in when the On Switch 1 is activated. On Switch 1 also activates a 30 second timer that turns itself off by operating on the same channel, as well it is intended to despawn the trait zone. I set the trait zone to have a respawn time of never, and to not start at the beginning of the round, and it's spawn channel to 1 so that it should spawn with the activation of the switch as intended. However, the zone continues to spawn at the start of the round, yucking the whole thing up. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there something else I could use besides a Gravity Volume, or a Trait Zone?
I was trying to do the same thing where I can spawn a trait zone with a switch and then despawn it with a timer switch. I couldn't get it to work. If anyone figured it out id like to know how.