Summing it all up in a few words
- It would feel awesome if TU settings actually used to base speed movment of the competitive playlist. -

I like playing both, but if I was able to make a new default setting for reach it would be-

Base speed movement of competitive because it feels SO much better to move at the speed.

Nerf bloom a little more. I understand it can't be zero bloom on a big map (or can it?) But the bloom is just kinda annoying. I mean can I guess get used to it and pace your shots better but idk I just always hated bloom in a fps game. I mean at least in halo your reticle doesn't go crazy just from moving or jumping, but the shot bloom on the dmr and time for it to reset feels like it could be adjusted just a little more. That's just me though.

But MAINLY....the movement speed. Man does it feel good to move in the competitive playlist. Of course it's a lot more difficult to do well in that playlist for a few different reasons, but man would TU slayer feel great if you could move a little faster. I don't equip sprint very often. However, moving slower at times makes me feel like I need to. A higher base movment speed just makes your strafe feel so much better as well.

Also, the movement speed increase would call for less bloom since your shot's would need to be placed (not paced) more accurately. So bloom would cause inconsistencies in a fight that's a little faster paced.

I feel like I can already assume there's people out there that would hate this idea...but would anyone actually like it? Me personally, I like the base speed movment of h2 and h5. On a non relevant note....reach has always been hitscan right? I had a argument with a friend over this cause at first I had a hard time coming back to reach. My friend told me it's cause reach has always been projectile and I have to lead my shots my understanding, it's always been hitscan with weapons like the dmr and maybe projectile with some of the non unsc weaponry.

I did much better after dialing in my controller settings though. I don't lead my shots, and before reach came to mcc I was playing the BC reach on my xbox one without leading my shots as well. Am I wrong and remembering incorrectly?