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Ultra Wide Love?! (for console)

OP Sir Pickles 117

Now that Halo MCC supports resolutions higher than 1080p anyone else interested in playing the campaign in UW?

I've currently got my Xbox One X hooked up to my Dell U3415W.

The Dell's native resolution is 3440*1440/60 I'm currently playing at 2560*1440/60 stretched.

I was wondering if anyone else out there would love to play campaign in UW since on pc its going to be UW.

I understand that for competitive MP its a advantage to have an UW so it makes sense to stick to 16:9 but I see no reason why MCC can't play at UW (21:9) for campaigns since it will play at 4k which is a lot more pixels to push than a 21:9 3440*1440/60

Anyone else want 21:9 support?
The Xbox One family of consoles are locked in at 16:9. Unless they change their development optimization; not going to happen.