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[Locked] Unable to install games

OP xngamer

Today I have updated MCC Insider to 1.466 1.0 and I am completely unable to install any game whatsoever. I can click the campaign and multiplayer box for the games that were not installed, and click accept selection. After that the game brings me to the menu and nothing gets installed whatsover. The only thing that changes is that on top of Halo 4 it says "Pending" when nothing happens. Is there a fix to this? I have restarted my Xbox and the application and still nothing has changed. I am unable to participate in Flight 3 because of this issue.
These are known issues right now, check out this pined thread for more information:

There are other pinned threads as well with further details on the work being done right now, feel free to use those if you still have any questions or need any further help