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Unable to remote download MCC from Xbox app

OP MyHouseMyRules

Just got my Series X and saw the patch dropped at work. MCC seems to be the only game that doesn't offer Download to Console. I've tried Gears, Halo 5, etc. with no issues. I was thinking it may have been because it thinks it's installed on my One X which is also listed, but these other games give me the option to download to another console. Anyone seeing the same thing?
The app has been very buggy since launch. On day one it failed to sign me in and properly sync my cloud due to server issues.

currently The game clip and photo section just decided to stop working on the app for me.

my though is there may be an actual issue though for MCC. on day one I moved it from external harddrive to internal SSD ( so no internet download) and it failed to sync any of my custom games or maps. I lost all of it. Had to reinstall on my Xbox one to recover everything and upload it to my file share as a workaround.