MCC Needs a voting/veto system in it. It was and still is a huge issue with H5 and nobody really enjoyed it due to playing the same maps/gametypes over and over again. Now its in MCC and its just as bad. I played pit 5/7 games in social yesterday. One of my friends in hardcore played heretic 15/18 games the other day. like a week ago i played Amp like 10-16 games. No matter how you"weight" variants it doesn't fix anything. It also leads to more people quitting out cuz they play the same thing over and over again and dont even have a choice in the matter. Members in our community expressed their frustration with the system when it was in insider and regular MCC was still voting. Voting/Veto is better because every player has a choice and theres more variety. By taking out voting/veto you make harder for newer players to also see the variety as well as any player enjoy the game because they could get the same map over n over no question and the only fault of it is you guys for making the system this way(especially when we the community have explicitly expressed how much we dislike this system since it was introduced in Halo 5 and you still are forcing it on us.) Just as many things you at 343 tend to do,like the quitting out system(if youre in the last 2 ON YOUR TEAM you dont get punished for quitting) when that should also be if anybody inthegame quits, youshould be able to leave w/o consequence instead of forcing people into playing 3v4s or 3v3s or even possibly worse on btb. The Benefits of changing these backward systems you guys have implemented far outweigh the very tiny and very rare issues they could bring. Whereas these systems youve implemented, make it worse than it ever was. Stop being stubborn and learn to restart to make something better, instead of pushing for something the people who play your game wont/dont like. Every problem matters. You guys have a mountain of problems across all your games, fixing one or even a big one doesnt help that much when theres a 1000 little problems. This is also a pretty big problem because it affects people's mm experience on the daily. Please fix it, i want this game and this company to succeed but you guys put yourselves in front of the people who play the game, which inherently, affects your success and the games success and the community's success.