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We need MORE challenges for Campaign and Firefight

OP ReconSpectre115

As of 2021 Still, Locking most of the Good challenges for season points and XP to one-time seasonals is not enough, and the Weekly challenges aren't fairly rewarding either.

We need:
Quick/Daily Challenges.
Certain Seasonal challenges changed to Weeklies.
Weekly challenges to give a bigger XP payout and more season points.
Reward XP at any time for just playing campaign or solo firefight, just like classic Reach.
Arcade Firefight Doubles! For both ODST and Reach.

Please, 343.

I have been grinding only weekly PvE challenges since November 2020 and I still barley have Halo Reach unlocks done only.

But also, now, they made the weekly challenges even longer, so instead of 3 campaign, you need to beat 8 for that 1 point....

We need some easy points to get without being forced to play game modes we don't like.