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What’s up with the exchange?

OP Luke Pawlowski

When it was introduced, it was advertised as being for previous season limited items, and being able to reacquire them. So far this season there has not been 1 previous season item. Better yet, the stuff that they have been including for the last two seasons is basically just battlepass overflow but at a significantly higher cost. It just seems weird.
personally I blame techsuits and the folks that got upset that the special unlocks weren't special. the season could have been handled much better imo.
Yeah honestly The Exchange feels like it’s just being used to dump the content that they couldn’t fit into the Season Pass instead of its original purpose, Exchange just feels pointless
Yeah to be honest the exchange really doesn't feel like an anti-fomo way to get stuff and more like leftover stuff from the season pass.
I think long term the exchange exists as a test for the feature to gather feedback for it's probable inclusion in Infinite, I don't really mind how it functions currently, though the small selection of items (with the majority of them being for Halo 3) in it's current rotation will eventually get tedious.
Kinda wondering the same. Also, just curious on who is actually excited for the gen2 techsuits for halo 3. They really don't fit at all. Couldve made those for H2A or H4 instead.
I feel the exchange is kinda being poorly implemented. It would be cooler if that is where two or three past seasonal challenges come up that players who either missed or fell short on could have another shot at completing them. Then sure have a few "new" things to unlock. It seems they are just putting stuff in there that should really be perhaps future season stuff, even though there probably won't be to many seasons left.
Looking at the upcoming items next week, all new items from Season 7 will have been featured in The Exchange. Hopefully when we get a sneak preview of the 8/4/21 - 8/11/21 week it gives us a good indication of past items appears.

In Season 6 previous items (the gold Halo: CE skins from the Season 2 seasonal challenges and ODST alternate skins for Romeo and Buck from the Season 3 seasonal challenges) were featured very early on.

I was grateful to have the opportunity to purchase the helmetless bug splattered/injured ODST skins as I was unable to assemble a full team for the Endure recreation. Hopefully we will see the return of past seasonal challenge items soon.

Below are some quotes and the source from Postums where the expectation has been set regarding previous items such as the Halo 3 Avalanche Sniper Skin will be added to The Exchange for purchase.

Per Postum's 3/19/2021 MCC Development & Flighting Updates post:
Unsurprisingly, the players who earned the Avalanche Sniper skin from reaching rank 20 in the Recon Slayer playlist weren’t too happy to see it up for grabs for a handful of SP. In part due to this feedback, we will not be offering any former ranked rewards in the Exchange during Season 6. We won’t rule out the possibility of that happening in the future (with appropriate prices and after an appropriate time period, of course) but it is not planned for this season.

I worked really hard for my Avalanche Sniper Rifle skin. Are you just going to give it away for a handful of Season Points?
While we do want to use the Exchange to offer unique items which were formerly available for a limited time, we also don’t want to trivialize the efforts players went through to unlock them initially. No ranked rewards will be offered in the Exchange in Season 6 and any former challenge item will “sit out” for at least a full season before entering the Exchange rotation. If an item was difficult to earn from a Challenge, its SP price should reflect that if it does eventually enter the Exchange. There is also temporal value in earning a reward from a challenge well before it becomes more broadly available.