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What Does It Take For You To Have Fun in MCC?

OP FixedFrameNate

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Assume you’ve just been connected to a low-ping match in MCC. A good connection is a given in this question.

What does it take for you to have fun during a match of MCC? Can you have fun in MCC without winning? Do you play to have fun at all? Do you have different answers for ranked and social play? Can you still have fun if everything doesn’t go exactly your way? Again, let’s keep connection issues out of this.

I’m curious what the communities feelings on this topic are. There aware always discussions around quitting, map choice, game modes, and starting weapons, and everything else in between. The reason we have these discussions are all because different people find different things more enjoyable than others.

My question is what does it take for you to have fun during a match?

Personally, I just need to turn in a respectable performance. Winning the match is actually not super important. I don’t play ranked because I don’t care enough about how “good” I am relative to other players. I don’t care about the game, map, mode, starting weapons or anything else. As long as my KD is hovering around the positive mark, and I make a good play or two per game I’m pretty happy.

How about you?
I want the match I play to feel close. To feel like victory is possible if I work for it. I really don't want to feel vastly outmatched, but I also don't want to feel like my opponents never stood a chance.
To be honest coop campaign and custom games are my multiplayer fun, Match making has always seemed to repetitive for me in games like halo and call of duty.
Chimera30 wrote:
I want the match I play to feel close. To feel like victory is possible if I work for it. I really don't want to feel vastly outmatched, but I also don't want to feel like my opponents never stood a chance.
Yea i want the match to be equal as much as possible. The optimal match would be a match with no quiters on either team.
Winning is usually preferable to me to have fun, but I don't mind losing on occasion. I still have fun if I lose and it was a close game.
Besides connection, when I feel like my aim is on-point. I haven't been able to play much at all lately so my aim is wildly inconsistent. The game is so fun though, doesn't take much to have fun.
Close matches. Some say over the match with a veto system so i dont play something stupid when more than half agree its stupid. Real ranks, not some number you get from beating up rank 1s to help get these matches close. I dont care if i win or lose, as long as one team doesnt get beaten badly. Me doing well but getting held back by bad teammates is something that annoys me alot. Theres currently no reason to play halo anymore since winning/losing doesnt matter and you get banned for quitting even when teams are completely mismatched so theres lots of afks. H3 had the best matchmaking system because everyone had incentive to win so nobody was afk until there was absolutely no chance and people rarely quit because it took away your previous win. Obviously there are some rare occasions where people did this to be -Yoinks!- like 2009-2018 was filled with derankers around skill 10-30 which ruined the experience but most of them searched full parties so you would occasionally match a full team of afk people.

I just want a reason to play LOL
Close matches, good connectivity, when you can find a match relatively fast. Basic stuff
Really just playing the classic halos, with a population that sustains this game, is enough for me. I mean I can't get smoked every game, but I don't need to win to necessarily have fun.
Clean connection but that will never happen
usually I just need a chill party. I don’t mind losing but I mind people who start -Yoinking!- when they lose. I usually have to kick them or mute them.

I also have to mute people who talk trash to their own teammates. If you want people to do what you want, join your friends, if you don’t have any, it’s probably because you act like a baby.

“Why’s this guy taking a warthog without a gunner? What an idiot?” “Hey, I’m the guy in the warthog, when you have as many flag caps as I do, come talk to me about strats.”
Kinda varies, but I do prefer more vehicle-based combat with objective games and good team mates. Would say though my complete favorite, least back in the halo 3 days was that rare time you and your team are all sangheili.
Jolly Cooperation!
Matching people at my skill gap (I wish), good connection, non-toxic people on mics & close matches
EU Tripper wrote:
Clean connection but that will never happen
I second this. Actually happens from time to time, like 1 in 30 games and then you go like +25 in a btb game...happens in games around lunch on weekends, when the americans are asleep, haha
I'd be such a liar if I said I don't like winning and winning by a large margin still makes for some fun for me. This applies only to matchmaking, though. I can fun with my friends in just about any mode, regardless whether I am winning or not.
Playing the campaigns on normal has been a recent discovery of having fun. Having the marines survive most of the way through missions changes things up quite dramatically. After playing on heroic or legendary for so long, the change is awesome.

What you and Chimera30 both said. So long as the match feels close and I'm proud of my performance, I'm having a good time.

Of course there are also the crazy things that happen here and there that make me laugh.
I do enjoy a good blowout from time to time as well. I had a match on Standoff a couple weeks back where I had like 25 wheelman medals since the other team couldn’t kill the warthog, and was coordinated enough to stop running outside.

Do I want that every time? No. But as the last game of the night it was a fun way to close down my Halo session.
I enjoy matches were the score is neck and neck throughout most of the game, but I manage to carry my team to victory. Which seems to happen to me surprisingly often, more often than in any other game I play.
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