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What grinds my gears on halo 2 anniversary

OP MeaeiN

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Did you really just get away with grinds my gears? Props!

As for your complaint, I can't explain how happy I am that your only opposition to this game is the title of a medal in one of the four games. Not to mention that your argument stands by the terminology of typical-shooter users, which is a norm we should stray from in most cases. Thank you OP!
Lol wth?
I prefer Snapshot.

Every since the growth of generic military shooters, No-Scope sounds horrid.
While the OP is exaggerating about the situation, you guys have also taken it a bit far. He was just posting something he thought was irritating, there's no need to constantly make fun of him. I mean, a few jokes here and there are fine. But three pages worth of them?

OP, I personally find medals like this "Halo-unique" and interesting.
Selsiuss wrote:
Everyone sing along!
Hahahahaha! XD
MeaeiN wrote:
Please tell me that I am not the only one that believes when you kill a player with the sniper in multiplayer unscoped. THIS IS CALLED A NO-SCOPE NOT A SNAPSHOT!!. Why is it called a snapshot, who came up with this rubbish, photographers take snapshots not halo players.
Every time' I hear the announcer call snapshot after a No-Scope I just want to throw the controller. It would make a lot more sense. I've put up with it in halo 4 and by the looks of it I'll have to put up with it in h2a how disappointing. :(
This is a joke, right? Seriously, why the hell do you give a crap what they call it? I really don't get this thread...
FFS the Snapshot medal is back??? This teh last straw 434i I'M CANCELING MY PRE-ORDER!!!1
I honestly don't mind it being called a Snapshot. I am very much looking forward to this title.

Nah, I like when Steitzer yells "Snapshot!", it's just cool.
before they never had a name for the snapshot and in fact i think it is a good name for the type of kill because if they just called it a no scope then that would be a boring name for a kill like that because i find snapshots very hard to do and pretty accomplishing
Preorder canceled.

I prefer snapshot.
I never really thought about, but the Announcer says it in a satisfying way where I just feel damn awesome!
You could say this about several of the terms used in Halo. None of it really matters though.
Haha, that's a good point I never thought about it. When I play the announcer voice for the medals usually gets drowned out over voice/game sound.
A "no-scope" typically runs as a universal act in pretty much every game that involves firearms. With the release of Halo 4, 343 included a medal for getting a no-scope called "Snapshot". With this in mind, while you're indeed getting a "no-scope" ingame, you're also now receiving a medal called "Snapshot".

Think of Counter Strike and its "First Blood" announcement. In Halo: Reach, Bungie added its own spin on the concept. Now when we get a "First Blood" in a match, we receive a medal called "First Strike". These medals are just the Halo version of popular ingame accomplishments we've grown up with. They're nothing to throw a controller over.
This is a well written and nicely explained post. Thank you!
The medal is called snapshot, how you get the medal is a no-scope. The medal does not have to have the same name as the action unless it is a headshot because well it is a headshot.
Maybe stop doing no scopes, just a thought
Come on guys, it's fine to disagree with him and think that the issue is a relatively minor one (to which I agree), but four pages worth of insulting him is a tad excessive. A minor detail like this may not seem to be a big deal to most people, but couldn't the same be said about many other parts of Halo? The Elites' feet in Halo 2 Anniversary, or Master Chief's shade of green being slightly off. Perhaps seeing Halo 2 Anniversary using the Halo 4 Carbine model instead of an updated Halo 2 version threw people off?

For so many things, these little inconsistencies will make them go "so what?", but everybody has their pet peeves, and that's ok. Is it really worthwhile to make a big deal out of him seemingly making a big deal out of it? No, not at all.
Why are you so worried about something so painfully unimportant?
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