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What is your "My team are total idiots!" moment?

OP Cemetery Girls

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Pretty much whenever I see multiple people getting into the driver seat of a Warthog, and driving away without letting anyone be the gunner or ride shotgun.

Also whenever people use the assault rifle on Halo:CE as their main weapon.
pick up sniper, get betrayed, teammate with sniper rushes, other team gets both snipers, our team gets raped, everybody quits
Most matches, it seems. However, if you can't beat em, join em.
Some guy with the service tag "420" team killed us, everyone on my team left, and was left alone thinking hod much I hate friendly fire and how much I miss JIP.
When the enemy team is carrying our flag to their base, about to un-tie the score, and team is sitting back at our base guarding it with all the turrets and power weapons. That's nice guys, but you do release they have our flag, right?
Going 41-9 and losing a Team Slayer game 50 - 47


AKA 90% of my games on MCC.
Going 30-5 and losing 50-37.
How does it work with the betraying system, is it working? Last time i got betrayed by a "team mate" gets away with my snipper rifle, no opportunity to boot him? I took some time to review the game to get his GT, reported him to xbox
Most of the times i let it go, but this was so xxxup
When my teammates keep rushing the enemy one at a time. I will try to make a plan for us and they ignore me and just keep handing the other team kills.
I've got a few

-When the enemy team scores 8 or more kills while my team scores nothing within the first 30 seconds of the game

-When my teammate takes more than 5 seconds to pick up a weapon

-When they charge the enemy's position one man at a time, like a bad guy from Walter Texas Ranger

-When they use an automatic weapon in a large environment, like Bloodglutch

-When they're shooting me instead of the enemy team
When my team quits at the start of the match because it was a gametype they didn't want.
When the battle is not we vs they but we vs WE.
Yep i was in the hornet on bloodline the other night and one of my teammates tried to betray me and a few other people he like shot us a few times and I taught him a lesson
The other night I was in a H2A Slayer match on Zenith. Grabbed the sniper rifle snd ammo then headed for a good position. ALL THREE teammates make a mad dash for me, lobbing grenades like it's hot potatoe. Red team (one guy.) comes up behind us all and fires two rockets. I rage quit.
When I'm sniping on Stonetown in the red base and my team opens the gate and then they leave and allow the other team to come barging in and overpower me
I don't have these moments.
Really, I'm a lone wolf. I don't rely on my team even though I play team games.
Every time I search H2A solo.
The moment when I realize we are all trying to play the MCC still.
Teamate betrays me for sniper rifle when I'm about to kill the enemy sniper. He immediately gets killed and now the enemy team have 2 snipers and we're pinned down. We have SMG starts so we are screwed. Basically 15 free kills handed to the enemy team right at the start of the game. The teamate that betrayed me has -2 at the end of the match. My other two teamates have a kill count of 2 and 4. I have 17 kills. The other team got a Steaktacular.

Hip hip horray, I lost another game, because once again, my teamates were absolute idiots. Seriously, if you betray people for power weapons you are a ******* 5 year old.
Last time I was playing bomb and nobody bother to get the bomb, so I the first to deploy the bomb and still nobody get it until a random player grab the bomb when I got killed :I
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