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We only have one playlist called Big Team Battle which yesterday had the description that was something like "Maps made for 16 player combat" that only holds 12 players. So This is the first Halo game that I've played that doesn't have an option for 8v8 combat. What the heck? I'm not saying flood the playlist them 8v8 ones but give me at least 1 option, maybe 2. 8v8 is my favorite and the fact that there isn't even 1 is really frustrating.
64v64 SWAT CTF on warloard with the scarab skull on. Next gen confirmed.

On a more serious note, I'm right there with you. 8v8 has always been my favorite. We should sue the BTB playlist for false advertising.
Same here, man. Misleading playlists aren't cool. Not everyone loves arena like 343 does. Don't get me wrong, I like arena matchmaking, but BTB is where it's at. That's the only playlist my brother and I will play together.
They're not trying to make you play any specific playlist or force you into arena. They've said that there's currently an issue with with 16 player parties and lobbies. Instead of completely removing BTB, they just decided to have it a 6v6 for the time being.
Agreed its not BTB without 16 players bring it back 343 and yes description saids up to 16