So I purchased and downloaded Reach for MCC but its nowhere to be seen in MCC. Is anyone else having this issue? What’s weird is that it says the file size for the game is 10mb. I’d think that this would have something to do with it but ODST is the same size and I can access it. Help me out guys am I missing something obvious here?
You have to download the update.

Go to manage game and you should see an update available if it didn't prompt you when you booted up
Hard reset your xbox if it's not prompting you to update the MCC for reach.

Either hold down your power button or go into your xbox setttings and tell your xbox to do a full shutdown. Boot your xbox back up and you will get the update
Tell us if it had worked!
Same...and I did reset?
Ok, I was just frustrated. This is like the original launch of MCC all over again.