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[Locked] Where is the next patch?

OP SG RiverDan

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1)playing with a friend while searching for a match if he goes back to the menu i cant follow him
and it break the party apart and when i try to join him it wont let me, all i see
is an option to kick him or make him party leader.

2) the search has improved but still some matches took me time to find and sometimes i had to back out to search again.
3) Friends ended up in other teams.
4) Friends list doesn't properly load.
My download for the patch finished at 40-50% and now I can't download it again. Now when I go to search for a game it seaches for a while and then say it can't connect to host.
guess Im one of the lucky ones I've been getting games at a decent rate much much faster than the past week sorry to those it's not working for
So, I used to be able to get in a game after around ten minutes of trying. Now, after the patch, I can't get in one after an hour and a half of trying. This patch made it worse...
still waiting too much for one match :$
I can't wait to get home from work and download these promising 1.4 gigs of required data to have the same experience we've all had since launch.
DDF360 wrote:
DDF360 wrote:
SC L3G3ND wrote:
ylMason wrote:
ylMason wrote:
Phenom cs wrote:
man some of you folks would whine if you were hung with a new rope!! my goodness fellas the patch just came out if you expected this to be perfect right away your expecting to much. yeah the game has issues still yet but for me I do find players and played a good bit of games. I think it is a lot better then what it was but sometime I do get stuck where it says finding players. im sure they will fix the game just relax give it time. I also have trouble when you first try conecting to online it says syncing but itll be fixed. so in conclusion is the patch better? yes it is but is it perfect absolutely not.

Oh god will you and the rest of your blind fanboys shut the hell up already; -Yoinking!- imbeciles.

oh god will you just quit being a cry baby and shut up and play the game? _Yoinking Yoinking

The game is practically unplayable you jack***.

your the jack*** for me its playable I didnt say it was perfect there did I? relax a bit there bud chill out im sure 343 will get it sorted.

Congratulations, you are officially the one percent.

Thanks, I appreciate that. yeah I didnt say the game was anywhere near being where it needed to be but to some I guess thats how they took it. yes obviously its still broke but all I was saying was for me I can atleast get in a match now unlike before. the problem with these message boards is theres just to much hate. I forked out 65 bucks for the game just like everyone else did. I understand everyone wants it fixed and I do to obviously. yes they should of had it sorted before launch but nothing is perfect. just ask the fine devs that make call of duty who make broken games every year that we have to deal with sucking. again I didnt say this game was perfect but it is obviously not to good but to me I can atleast get in a match and I understand that it does take time to get everything sorted.

just shut up with your peace rally BS. the game doesn't work. its a disgrace, yeah in time it'll get fixed. but in reality it should have worked from the beginning, even THEN i understand a few launch issues, but its completely broken and still not remotely fixed.. nobody is on this page to be reassured by some hick with metaphors from the 1800's, that the game will work in time.. as of right now everyone has a right to be mad. if you disagree go get "hung with a new rope" without whining on your own.

this ^^^^

you shut up big man internet tough guy. your the hick cry baby little kid. I didnt say no one shouldnt be upset but whining isnt gonna change the outcome of things big man

A. do you know what a hick is? please tell us where you're from and what color your neck is and let the crowd explain.
B. i never said anything threatening that would make me come off as a "tough guy". if anything.. thats exactly what you just did.
C. whining absolutely won't change a thing, but its an outlet to vent on and compare results. not to mention 343 or Microsoft seeing an uproar of angry consumers could lead to some compensation.
all in all, you're here preaching to the wrong people.. like i said before, we don't need your 1800's peace rally metaphors to alleviate us.

A. Yes I do know what a hick is. where are you from? kentucky?
B. No you didnt say anything threatening but im allowed to voice my oppinion on this forum just as much as you are.
C. Exactly whining around about it isnt going to change a thing. I highly doubt they will compensate anyone anything ever so dont get any hopes built up.
D all in all I have a right to voice my oppinion and my thoughts. I dont need your approval of what I speak and what I do not speak.

I'm pretty sure your just dumb, you completely misread everything i said to you and replied to what you thought it meant, which was entirely wrong.. guess education out there really is slipping… also compensation in cases like this happens a lot; GTA V gave people in game cash and world of warcraft gave people free days of game time in order to make reparations for the things that were THEIR fault, and they understood that. 343 hasn't spoken out at all since this happened and that pisses people off because they want answers. If you aren't mad, looking for some kind of compensation, or at least a response from developers than why are you here.. you preaching in defense of a company thats done wrong is even greater of a lost cause than mindlessly complaining. also there was no reason to bring up approval.. you're right you don't need approval, but i gotta tell you, everything more you say only reenforces your incompetence.

A. Observing argument because I cant find a match
B. Observing argument because I cant find a match
C. Observing argument because I cant find a match
D. Observing argument because I cant find a match

im pretty sure your a kid honestly you act like a small childish spoiled brat kid. im done with you quit acting like you own these forums because ive got news im gonna post what I want to post when I want to and as much as I want to. you also must realise its a GAME nothing is guaranteed with a online experience it is not guaranteed. my God no one is as perfect as what you think they should be, go play call of duty and then youve got reason to -Yoink-

I wasnt making fun of u. Calm down
sorry DDF I was meaning for that to go to that other guy
got 2 games, and have now been searching for 30 mins and can't get a game. i can't handle how much halo i'm actually getting to play! f_u_c_king terrible...
I'm finding games but it keeps coming up match incomplete
halo is finished guys h3 is the last good halo and h5 looks like CoD I'm done time 2 move on
Get to Connecting Session and it fails. Got one game about an hour ago. 1 game in 9 days of trying. I'm about to give up on it. I'll come back in a year when they have it all ironed out...
im still virtually unable to get in a game with friends and stay partied up. this is by far the most frustrating game i have ever played, and i wish i could get a refund for it from you
-Yoink- you 343 its been over 2 -Yoinking!- weeks and you've sent multiple -Yoinking!- updates that don't even work. What's the -Yoinking!- point? All this -Yoink- is the samw , I can only play anniversary slayer which always improperly balances teams, parties are always broken up and I have to restart my -Yoinking!- game just to be with my friends. You say you are working day and night 343 but nothings happening, I bought a -Yoinking!- game I can't even play. I'm so mad too bc my k/d is -Yoink- because of all my dropped matches. -Yoink- this -Yoink-
As a halo fan, I am losing hope in this game... so sad to see one of my favorite series being driven into the ground...
How can the patch be delayed and then break the game worse?
im assuming that the people who are not posting it is actually working for cuz it seems that everyone that's in here says it's not at all but I've been getting games non stop I have to restart my game after every other match tho so my party can join back up together so far that's my only issue
Still Broke 343!!!!! UGH!!!!!!
I've spent the past 45 minutes trying to play matchmaking. Numerous issues have stopped me from playing just one single game. This is, by far, the worst online matchmaking I have ever experienced. I love Halo. Halo CE made me buy an Xbox in 2005 and I've followed ever Halo since. I understand online for most games takes a few tries, but it's been over a week; also not to mention the giant 1.2g update that you promised would fix this issue most certainly hasn't. This awful, faulty, broken matchmaking system is literally killing this game for me.
It's working fine. thanks 343I. You came through
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