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[Locked] Where is the next patch?

OP SG RiverDan

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There is more action in this forum than in the game, that is sad. Is it not? mêlée, head shot, jumping, jumping, throw grenade, suicide, respawning in 3,2,1. Hey anybody got a mic out there.... .....
CRY5lS wrote:
halo is finished guys h3 is the last good halo and h5 looks like CoD I'm done time 2 move on
Then quit posting
DDF360 wrote:
SC L3G3ND wrote:
ylMason wrote:
ylMason wrote:
Phenom cs wrote:
man some of you folks would whine if you were hung with a new rope!! my goodness fellas the patch just came out if you expected this to be perfect right away your expecting to much. yeah the game has issues still yet but for me I do find players and played a good bit of games. I think it is a lot better then what it was but sometime I do get stuck where it says finding players. im sure they will fix the game just relax give it time. I also have trouble when you first try conecting to online it says syncing but itll be fixed. so in conclusion is the patch better? yes it is but is it perfect absolutely not.

Oh god will you and the rest of your blind fanboys shut the hell up already; -Yoinking!- imbeciles.

oh god will you just quit being a cry baby and shut up and play the game? _Yoinking Yoinking

The game is practically unplayable you jack***.

your the jack*** for me its playable I didnt say it was perfect there did I? relax a bit there bud chill out im sure 343 will get it sorted.

Congratulations, you are officially the one percent.

Thanks, I appreciate that. yeah I didnt say the game was anywhere near being where it needed to be but to some I guess thats how they took it. yes obviously its still broke but all I was saying was for me I can atleast get in a match now unlike before. the problem with these message boards is theres just to much hate. I forked out 65 bucks for the game just like everyone else did. I understand everyone wants it fixed and I do to obviously. yes they should of had it sorted before launch but nothing is perfect. just ask the fine devs that make call of duty who make broken games every year that we have to deal with sucking. again I didnt say this game was perfect but it is obviously not to good but to me I can atleast get in a match and I understand that it does take time to get everything sorted.

just shut up with your peace rally BS. the game doesn't work. its a disgrace, yeah in time it'll get fixed. but in reality it should have worked from the beginning, even THEN i understand a few launch issues, but its completely broken and still not remotely fixed.. nobody is on this page to be reassured by some hick with metaphors from the 1800's, that the game will work in time.. as of right now everyone has a right to be mad. if you disagree go get "hung with a new rope" without whining on your own.

this ^^^^

you shut up big man internet tough guy. your the hick cry baby little kid. I didnt say no one shouldnt be upset but whining isnt gonna change the outcome of things big man

A. do you know what a hick is? please tell us where you're from and what color your neck is and let the crowd explain.
B. i never said anything threatening that would make me come off as a "tough guy". if anything.. thats exactly what you just did.
C. whining absolutely won't change a thing, but its an outlet to vent on and compare results. not to mention 343 or Microsoft seeing an uproar of angry consumers could lead to some compensation.
all in all, you're here preaching to the wrong people.. like i said before, we don't need your 1800's peace rally metaphors to alleviate us.

A. Yes I do know what a hick is. where are you from? kentucky?
B. No you didnt say anything threatening but im allowed to voice my oppinion on this forum just as much as you are.
C. Exactly whining around about it isnt going to change a thing. I highly doubt they will compensate anyone anything ever so dont get any hopes built up.
D all in all I have a right to voice my oppinion and my thoughts. I dont need your approval of what I speak and what I do not speak.

I'm pretty sure your just dumb, you completely misread everything i said to you and replied to what you thought it meant, which was entirely wrong.. guess education out there really is slipping… also compensation in cases like this happens a lot; GTA V gave people in game cash and world of warcraft gave people free days of game time in order to make reparations for the things that were THEIR fault, and they understood that. 343 hasn't spoken out at all since this happened and that pisses people off because they want answers. If you aren't mad, looking for some kind of compensation, or at least a response from developers than why are you here.. you preaching in defense of a company thats done wrong is even greater of a lost cause than mindlessly complaining. also there was no reason to bring up approval.. you're right you don't need approval, but i gotta tell you, everything more you say only reenforces your incompetence.

A. Observing argument because I cant find a match
B. Observing argument because I cant find a match
C. Observing argument because I cant find a match
D. Observing argument because I cant find a match

im pretty sure your a kid honestly you act like a small childish spoiled brat kid. im done with you quit acting like you own these forums because ive got news im gonna post what I want to post when I want to and as much as I want to. you also must realise its a GAME nothing is guaranteed with a online experience it is not guaranteed. my God no one is as perfect as what you think they should be, go play call of duty and then youve got reason to -Yoink-
yeah you still don't get it, and i don't have a clue what you're responding to.. it seems like every time you respond your starting an entirely new conversation because you either: weren't capable of understanding what i wrote, or you just realized that you can't put up an argument and needed to change the topic. also you keep trying to pull this "spoiled child" thing. I'm 21, i work full time, i pay for my own bills and hobbies (including video games). but ill humor you and abuse you even on your own randomly generated topic.. nothing is guaranteed from an online experience you're correct, but a a working matchmaking system on a product that promised it should ABSOLUTELY be guaranteed. you also keep bringing up this freedom of speech type BS but nobodies trying to censor or silence you, I'm simply saying you're definitely in the wrong place, and fighting the wrong cause.. your main argument is that complaining won't do anything, but as i already told you defending this industry is even more of a lost cause.. especially considering that your peace rally defense has also turned into nothing but complaining too. all i can do is keep reminding you of your idiocy until you realize it yourself and go back to writing in your journal
It doesn't let me connect to my friends anymore. But it did before the patch. and everytime I go on multiplayer and connect to a game. Or try to join my friend. It comes up with "your connection to the host was failed. Please try again". Even though both me and my friend have open NAT types and we both have really good connection. So what now? :/
Try powering down and unplugging the power then starting halo back up. Worked for me after trying for hours. Still a laggy mess though
stuck on connecting session everytime fricken time. maybe tomorrow...
I still can't connect to my friends. I've tried numerous things and in fact this is getting me disappointed. It is making me very frustrated and all I wanna do is play this game with my friends.
Been getting stuck on "Connecting Session" It's sad to see that 343 builds up hype for yet another broken mishap.
I'm in a... unique situation. I love Halo. So very much. I waited out months of anticipation for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and to play the iconic, series defining Halo 2 for the first time.

A bit of background information
- I first played Halo(3) in 2008 when I went to my neighbors house.
- I was immediately hooked and bought my own Xbox 360 with Halo 3 to go with it.
- Over time I developed I passion for the campaign and got pretty good at online multiplayer
- I loved Halo Reach
- I stopped playing Halo in early 2012 and did not care for it anymore
- That Christmas, I opened up Halo 4, and was pleasantly surprised, but not excited
- I played it and was mad about the story and quickly bored with the multi-player but I had my fun with friends in custom games
- Forgot about the series until E3 and immediately bought an Xbox One, and was playing the series once more
- Convinced my friends to buy Xbox Ones and pre order the collection

Yes I'm 15 years old and I never played Halo 2 up until last Tuesday when I was disappointed with the multi-player, but in no way was I panicking over the fact that 343 sold me a "broken" or "unfinished" game. So I waited, played through Halo 1-3 and forge for the next few days and LOVED every minute of it. But matchmaking was still down and seeing everything on these forums made me feel bad for 343 b/c I knew they would fix it eventually. On the 15th, I hopped on a flight to Florida for baseball and I am now looking, 10 days after launch, at half of a game. I am so angry about this. It is unacceptable. I'm not pissed about the "unfinished game" (well I am) but I'm pissed at the fact that when I was convinced Halo was dead and that it would never be as good as it was, 343 announced this and found a formula to resurrect Halo and more importantly the community and blew it with a horrid launch. And now some of that community is gone forever because ALL confidence in 343 is lost and that part of the classic community doesn't want to come back and has moved on. This launch was a disaster, and now halo won't be the same.

I don't hate 343 and I'm not returning MCC, but some people are and now Halo is being destroyed
been swatching for 30 mins, can't find -Yoink-. All this update did is tell me searching for players... Players found... Connecting session... Then I sit and hear all the damn halo music 10 times over before I shut my Xbox one off, or go play GTA bc guess what? It still doesn't work!!!! Shockerrrr
There is more action in this forum than in the game, that is sad. Is it not? mêlée, head shot, jumping, jumping, throw grenade, suicide, respawning in 3,2,1. Hey anybody got a mic out there.... ....
Team Slayer doesn't work.
Well... After downloading the "fake patch" ive gotten only 2 games. The first was quick. The second was terribly slow to get. Which both games i had teammates quit so i lost both... And the rest of the time i juat keep getting kicked out saying host session is full... Anyways im so disappointed i could cry... Lol so sad.... I highly doubt thesle issues will ever get resolved... My hope is dwindling fast.
Pre patch I could at least find a match every now and then. Post patch I just keep getting the same "Lost connection to host" message without it ever even finding a game. I'm not even mad anymore, I'm legitimately dumb founded/speechless. It actually got worse after the wtf. The sad part is, I know one the Halo5 beta is ready, it will magically work like a charm, because that was the only reason this collection was created in the first place. They repackaged other peoples hard work, terribly I might add, just so they could build hype for their game that is going to flop just as terribly as their last one. They used the fans of the actual franchise (Halo 1-3, since I don't consider the abomination that was 4 (refuse to call it Halo 4)) and stole money from us so we could try out their copy and pasted 4 mixed with Titanfall/Destiny/Advanced Warfare game something 5.

The absolute worst part? Throughout this whole ordeal, I have seen ONE apology, ZERO improvement, ZERO mention of compensation, and appalling feedback on what to expect/what is going wrong. Right now, the @Halo twitter should literally be pleading and apologizing to every single person that bought this game, yet they are absolutely silent. Not one word about how the patch fixed absolutely nothing.

If there is no plan for some sort of compensation, then I am officially done with 343 as a company. Other companies acknowledge their missteps, and come up with a plan to compensate the people that spent their hard earned money on their product. Yet 343 has been silent, which is inexcusable considering they are funded by one of the most powerful, and profitable companies on the planet. They are in charge of the flagship title for one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, yet fail so miserably and still have people defending them. Their is no excuse for what has gone on here, and I refuse to give them a pass on anything.

Where are you 343? Why are you keeping us in the dark and not acknowledging that your patch actually just made the game worse? Every member of your public relations staff should be immediately terminated, along with whoever is in charge of matchmaking solutions. Their performance is not to the standards that should be expected from one of the most well funded and important developers on the planet. Appalling, this whole situation is appalling.
I was able to play right after the patch was released. Played a few games with a couple issues. Stopped and ate dinner, watched the hockey game. Haven't been able to play a single game since.
Matchmaking took me about 4 minutes to find a game for myself, but at least I found one so I'm happy with that.

But I don't know if this was cause by the recent update or if it was present before, but when I resume my Halo 2 legendary playlist progress (currently in the Regret mission) it spawns me with a black screen. I can see the timer counting as if I was playing the game and I can hear the game audio when it resumes just shows a black screen. A press of the Windows button to change engines fixes the issue.

Now comes the serious when I continue the same mission, Regret, I come to the second elevator of the submerged level. When activated it goes down and shortly gets to a loading section before it would go into the water. At that moment the game would freeze and make a buzzing noise, crash by going to a black screen (I can go to the home screen when it does this or I can leave it there) and then a few seconds in my Xbox One would restart from a result of the crash. It happened once thought it was just one time thing and tried it again shortly after the Xbox turned back on. The same problems of resuming the campaign and the elevator sequence would happen again so I know it wasn't a one time thing.
If this is the case then I won't be able to resume Halo 2 campaign. Tried it both Classic Mode and the Newer Mode.
taking ages 2 find a game still lol i'm done
There is more action in this forum than in the game, that is sad. Is it not? mêlée, head shot, jumping, jumping, throw grenade, suicide, respawning in 3,2,1. Hey anybody got a mic out there.... ....
Don't have to keep repeating yourself...
Didn't work for me and also never received glitched achievments. All im getting is 'Players Found' with no results. :(
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