Now when the update first came out there was a US west server, now there is not.
My problem being that I'm from Australia and the only half decent playable connection that my country gets is to the US west servers.
Now the closest US server is the US south and it's disgusting to play on.
Now I know that 343 doesn't give a flying -Yoink- about anyone other than American halo 3 players but the bullet registration on a 200 ping server is -Yoinked!-. As far as I'm concerned it's just another nail in the coffin for non American halo players.
If anyone has had the lag glitch that's basically the equivalent to what Australia is currently playing on every game without a US west server to make it "HALF" playable.
West coast US server also hasn't shown up for me since the last update and I live in California.
Here is a youtube video that touches on servers and their locations:
Here is a link to the locations of the Azure microsoft servers:
Just updating this topic to point out that MCC now makes use of the US West server (California):
US West Server: This Azure datacenter location now supports Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking!
Can notice the difference playing from the east coast of Australia. Thank you.
Thanks for updating this! Was curious about the West US server.