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why arent my campaign legendary runs saving

OP Duuuhh

I just beat all of halo 2 on legendary and halo 4 by myself, and i didnt unlock the name plates. I went on waypoint and 3 missions in halo 2 and 2 in halo 4 are not done, when i did them all. Is this just a server glitch? I dont want to do gravemind on legendary ever again.
its because the game is -Yoink-
iMpuLSe462 wrote:
its because the game is -Yoink-
I was going to say exactly this...... but now I don't have to I suppose.
Halo 4 completion isn't unlocking for me even though I've finished every mission solo Legendary - Composer just won't unlock despite being completed twice. It shows in the lobby it is completed but the achievement isn't unlocking or even showing that it is 'unlocking'. Game is broken.
I'm having the same problem :\ I don't even feel like playing the campaigns if this continues.
It's not the achievements that's bothering me it's the save itself. How many Times do i run through a campaign mission,stop,save and quit,only to return to the game at the start of the mission??? This is so frustrating when playing on legendary it's just done it as I'm 75% through Cortana on H3. Game is truly broken!! Sorry this out 343