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Will a proper file share/search come to MCC?

OP Sidewinder1996

Anyone else hoping that that 343i will create a file share/search for MCC? I've been playing a lot of reach customs and I've really enjoyed the advanced search feature within Halo Reach and even still in Halo 5 Customs.
I hope so. Since its been in previous Halo titles I wouldn't be surprised if they added this to MCC. One of the best aspects of the franchise is the player creativity and the community built around that. I can't imagine it being very difficult to implement a robust search function as well.
I would love to see a Halo 3 style file share system in MCC
I would love to see it but I doubt its gonna happen anytime soon 343 is probably focused on reach and MCC on pc
343 said until it launches said that they are having their team work 100% for pc and reach atm